Top is Pieced and Quilted

For those asking about the chickens, they’re both doing great.  The least injured chicken is probably well enough to go back with the others.  The black chicken still has skin exposed and I don’t want to put her out til she has a few feathers.  I’d rather keep them together so they can go back with the other 8 together.  Next week we’re supposed to have highs in the mid-50’s so the chickens will spend all the daylight hours outside.  They dig and scratch and chase bugs and I think they’ll get into less mischief when they’re so busy so if I can survive the weekend with the two injured chickens in the downstairs garage, I’ll put them both out on Monday.  Then I’ll spend a lot of time out there with them making sure they’re playing nicely together.  I’ll tell them you all asked about them!  🙂

Wednesday I finished piecing the second Peaches & Dreams quilt. Yesterday I quilted it. Today I hope to get the binding done.

The light border fabric was much lighter in the first one (shown below) and I decided to make the lighter border a bit darker in this one.  I think I like the above quilt better.  Maybe it’s too orange for normal folks but I like it.

For my next trick project, I think I’m going to do this in blues and leave off the borders.  Some people just don’t understand that a  quilt isn’t a quilt unless it has at least 5 borders!  🙂

Here’s how EQ says it will look. Imagine it with a dark blue binding.  It’s probably not something I’d ever prefer over a quilt with borders but I at least want to be able to show those in my classes how it will look with no borders . . and maybe they’ll come around to my way of thinking! 🙂


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    Ooooh, I like the top one better too, Judy. I’m an orange lover and add some where ever I can.

    Also like the blue without a border, really nice pattern.

    : )

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    Judy, I can’t wait till the first time one of your hens goes broody. You’re going to have a lot of fun loving on her when that happens! Think you might try letting one of them set a clutch of eggs?

  3. 4


    I like both versions for different reasons, but I definitely like the quilt better with borders.

    Glad to hear the chickens are doing better.

  4. 6

    Marilyn says

    I love that Peaches & Dreams quilt it’s one of my favorites. Glad to
    hear the chickens are on the road to recovery.

  5. 7


    I LOVE the no borders version! (But I liked that pattern from the get go & always looked at it with the idea of removing the borders.)

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    Glad the chickens are better, been wondering! And I love your this quilt!! Love the pattern!! Would be interested to know where you got it. My daughter loves orange so might be interested in making one – Deborah

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    pdudgeon says

    yep i agree. the quilt needs borders so there’s somewhere to rest the eye. Thank heavens for those nice turquoise rectangles.

    this would look great in neutrals too!

  8. 11


    I like it better with the borders too. I’ll have to keep that in mind because I tend to want to skimp on borders. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways. 🙂

  9. 12

    Toni says

    This has always been my favorite of your designs. Didn’t have enough oranges to make it and thought I would do it in blues! Might call it Blueberry Pie.

  10. 14

    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    love those oranges! and I agree that many borders look great on a bed quilt – tho I’m not always inclined to want to make them. : -) but if I were doing that pattern as a wallhanging and not a bed quilt, I’d personally go the no border route – I think it makes hangings look more like a piece of art rather than a quilt hanging on the wall IMHO. It will be a great exercise in showing them borders versus no borders and how different it makes the quilt look.

  11. 16

    Mama Pea Quilts says

    Since I really, really love orange the most recently posted one (with darker oranges) is my favorite. The one that will be done in blues is very attractive, too. The only reason I don’t like it without borders is my quilting tends more toward the traditional and no borders says a more “modern” look to me. Make any sense?

  12. 18

    Ruth says

    I haven’t made a quilt in 10 years, but the orange one has me thinking that might be fun to make!

  13. 20


    Love your quilts, cooking, and all the other million things you seem to do at once…. Some time ago you said smthng about coming to LA in Feb. Is that still on? Will you be doing a workshop while you’re here? Maybe, just maybe …I dreamed this????

  14. 21

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I love the darker orange. It looks more like a dreamsickle to me, with pineapple chunks…yum! We even have a local icecream like that. I am with you on the borders…I haven’t yet managed to do a quilt without a border. It just ‘dresses’ the quilt and frames it. I like the visual of the blues too.

  15. 23


    I love quilts without borders. As soon as I finish playing with 9 patches I’m going to make one of my Framed Rectangle quilts and it has no borders.