Quiltathon Report

Post on your blog about your quiltathon progress, then add a link here to the specific blog post.  Links to main blogs will be deleted!

For tomorrow or even tonight . . if you do a second or third or whatever blog post about your progress, add a second or third entry to the link box.  The more . . the merrier! 🙂

For me . . I’m getting less done than I do on the average day.  Chicken issues!


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    Becky I says

    Judy, I don’t have a photo but I’ve been sewing all day making a quilted purse. I had one but have worn it out so today I have almost completed a new one. I will take a picture when it is finished and post on the quilt-a-thon page. Thanks for getting us moving!

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I don’t have a blog or a website but I have been quilting along this afternoon. I decided to make Judy’s Freeze Frame quilt in reds, whites, and blues. I am going to use this for a QOV. I am on Hour 3. It took me a long time to decide on my fabrics and I didn’t get as far as I had hoped. This evening I am going to be continuing with my hand stitching the binding onto another QOV and tomorrow I hope to be able to get most of the Freeze Frame top completed.


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    I am working dilligently on the Bonnie Mystery (although it is no longer a mystery to me). I have completed all of the smaller blocks–over 100 and now I am in the process of putting 4 of each into bigger blocks. I am working toward having that completed by tomorrow and then my plan is to assemble on Monday!!!!

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    Today I got started on doing the Peaches and Cream quilt using my stash of blues. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your patterns and free instructions. I always enjoy making your quilts.

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    Denise says

    I’ve been busy pulling batiks and cutting and actually have a few blocks to show for it – it will be a niece’s wedding quilt for Sept. Off to cut more so I have pieces at the ready tomorrow.

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    Kathy C says

    I don’t have a blog or a website either but I have been sewing a Thangles buck-a-block in RWB to use as a Quilt of Valor. Luckily its a lazy rainy January day here in Oregon and I am caught up on all my post holiday cleaning.
    I LOVE a Quiltathon weekend. I usually only get to do this much sewing on my twice yearly retreats up in Sisters, OR.
    I am determined to use at least HALF my stash this year. I would love to use more but 1/2 is realistic.

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    Julie H. says

    I don’t have a blog but have been sewing pieced borders today which will finish a quilt. I have a lone star I just started which I will work on next. I also mended for the grandkids today.

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    I feel so good about my accomplishments today, but my favorite thing was my *hero* set up my quilting frame for me. It has been down since just after Thanksgiving and I’ve been piling up quilt tops!

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    Judy I didn’t see your statement of to make multiple posts until after I had posted my link for my blog post tonight – if I did this wrong or if you don’t want me to count the progress I made on Thursday before the weekend actually started, then delete them for me OK. I’ll totally understand. 😉

    I hope you are having a fun time seeing how much everyone is getting accomplished 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Teajuana says

    I’m too tired to take and upload a photo. I did cut 2 of 3 quilts planned. I cut two sliding bricks quilt tops. One with a basketball theme and the other music. I just finished sewing the basketball bricks quilt, cut backing fabric (not sew yet) and have batting ready. Maybe I’ll see about a photo tomorrow.

  11. 12


    oops! judy i think i’ve made more work for you. i’ve been linking to my main blog instead of the quiltifications post. i’m very sorry about that. i’ve added a link to the specific post for today (sunday) i think it appears at #40 or 41.

    i’ll make a point of doing it right for future quiltathons!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Good Morning!! I had intended to report in last night but couldn’t get my computer to cooperate at 12:30 this morning when my friend Lisa and I finished for the night. I was on a roll yesterday and the day before. Friday I met with my mini group from my guild and we did a Happy Villages project. It was a blast. I wouldn’t have done it on my own, but now that I have finished my base I’d do it again. I finished quilting that yesterday, then I finished a top for a dear friend of mine, it’s 45 x 60 and today I am going to sandwich it and baste it, then I finished a pillow top and sandwiched it with home made piping ready to sew together today. The blocks in the pillow were a find in a scrap bag from my local quilt shop, the pillow is going to go on my sofa in our reclaimed family room!! I am going to post pictures on my facebook since I don’t have a blog for every day just one for my real estate business. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=187862&id=658774017&l=6dcfc66631

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    Judy your quiltathon was a lot of fun for me. I don’t really have any quilter friends so it was nice to think about all of us sewing away all weekend. I would check everybody’s progress during my sewing breaks.
    PS. I have shown everyone in my family the video of Chad playing his duck call! Cracks me up every time. Thanks.

  14. 17


    I quilted on Thursday night, made a second miniquilt late Thursdaynite…mailed Friday without getting a photo 🙁 I’ve sewn on charity quilts Sat night and tonight. Thanks for doing this quiltathon weekend! I’ve managed to get a bunch done!

  15. 18

    Ava Crotinger says

    I agree with the other comments. It’s been a good weekend for quilting. I made some progress – learned how to use the rotary cutter that I’ve had 5+ years. I changed my quilt plan several times, but finally did get a small 9-patch top just about finished. It was fun. I’ll put February’s Q-date on my calendar.

  16. 19

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Thanks for the quiltathon. I just love to see what and how everyone is doing. Lots of terrific reading.

  17. 20


    I so wanted to take part in the quiltathon….and I kind of did. I did get quite a bit of sewing done between Saturday and Sunday (mostly on Sunday). Our computer decided to get a virus Thursday, so I haven’t taken any pictures of the stuff I sewed since I wouldn’t be able to post it anyway! 😉

    I got a quilt top almost completely put together on Sunday…it just needs borders at this point. I also got binding sewn onto another baby quilt that I finished quilting a few weeks ago.

    I hope you continue to do the quiltathons as it so interesting to see the various projects that people are working on!

  18. 21


    Wow, you had lots of participation in the Quiltathon. I’m planning my own now that I’m home and Keith is gone most of this week!

  19. 22

    Marie says

    I, too, do not have a blog, but sewed most of the day Saturday and Sunday evening. Not only did I get 14 blocks done for our guild raffle quilt, but finished quilt top for youngest daughter’s quilt and made a quilt for the Quilts for Kids program. Didn’t realize how much one can get done knowing that others are sewing all at the same time. Will definately put the next dates on my calendar.