Quiltathon Saturday Morning

Anyone sewing yet?  Chad is still sleeping and I don’t want to start sewing quite yet.  Yes, I could be practicing my duck calls and sewing but I’m not.  So far, I’ve loaded the Pinwheels on Parade on the longarm.  I can do that quietly.

I’ll be back later with another report.  I’ll put up a link box this evening so you can report on your Quiltathon progress and share a link.

Have fun!  Get lots done! 🙂


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    Sewing? Heck I wish I was still sleeping. Gotta drive to OKC, So getting everything together. I love Quilt shows.

    But I decided not to go to the Home and Garden Show this year, So I will be joining you on Sunday,

    Have fun.


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    I just got up. I’m going to have a liesurely cup of coffee or two and then get to work. Everything should be quiet until late this evening when my husband gets home from work.

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    Not yet but I have my day planned out. Need to eat, make a trip to the grocery store happen since DH is going to make dinner tonight. (Hooray – chicken orzo soup!)

    I’m working exclusively on WIPs/UFOs today and hope to have pictures of at least 2 projects by the end of the weekend, I’m that close! 😀

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    Carol says

    Not yet. I have 2 BOM classes today. And then, a friend and I will do some shopping. But, it’s a 3-day weekend for me and I’ll definitely have time to work on my WIPs.

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    Oh, I don’t know, Judy. I think duck calls would be poetic justice, don’t you?

    I couldn’t sleep last night. Too tired, I suppose. But I’ll be heading over to the quilt show this morning. Need anything?

    Have fun today!

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      quilterbee says

      I’m heading to the quilt shop for the Tribute Civil War block of the month. This is the first month. Every month a speaker is coming in to talk about the role women played in the war. The shop owner said he told her the women fought on the front lines with the men. I hadn’t heard that before. I think that is what he is talking about today. Then the shop owner will demo cutting out the block and we can stay and sew our blocks if we want. So I’ll be sewing mine and having lunch with my daughter who will be coming with me for the day. We get four blocks this month so that is what I’ll be doing today and tomorrow.

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    It’s almost 6 am here and the coffee IV has been started…….I’ll be ready to sew in no time. 😉 You all go ahead without me for a bit longer.

  7. 10

    Teajuana says

    I’m on my way to the Quilted Fox for 3rd Saturday BOM. Then, I have sewing guild meeting where I’ll cut fabrics for 3 quilts. Hope to be home by 5pm to start sewing. Have fun everybody!

  8. 11

    Linda says

    no sewing for me, I received tickets to the Canadian National Figure Skating championships so I’m off to London in a few minutes with my daughter…have a good day…maybe after church tomorrow I can sew!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I am not sewing yet. However, I did sew all day yesterday. I got together with my mini group from guild and we did a workshop doing the Happy Villages. It was so fun. I got my top almost done and quilted. I’m still working on the quilting part then I’m going to applique grape vines and some leaves on it and bind it. I have my sewing area all set up and set up an extra table for my friend Lisa, who is coming over at 11:30 to quilt and sew for the whole day. I just need to get Skip to hook up the cable tv in the basement so we can watch the Raven’s pounce on The Colts tonight. We plan to sew well into the late night!!

  10. 14


    I started about 8:00 working on the Be Attitudes quilt by Nancy Halvorsen. I have two more blocks to fuse the applique and then I will start machine applique with the buttonhole stitch. This is really a cute quilt. But it does require some hand embroidery for accent. My hand embroidery leaves a lots to be desired!!!

  11. 15

    Jo says

    Started sewing at 8:30 – working on a 4 year old UFO. Will have time to sew another hour on this, and have a BOM class this afternoon.

    Great sewing day!

  12. 16

    Pam says

    I am working on my PHD (projects half done). I am quilting a child’s quilt that will have some prairie points around 2 of the corners where there is no applique.

  13. 17


    I got up at 5 A.M. (pacific time) and have been working on a mystery quilt that I started in late December. Finished up the blocks , now am starting to sew the blocks into rows. Will have that done in the next hour or so IF I get OFF the computer!! LOL.
    (I don’t have a blog)

  14. 18


    It is my very first Quitathon. I worked on a small UFO this morning – Chichen Plate Mat = done!!
    Stopped for lunch and came here to see how everybody is doing .
    See you later.
    Happy quiltathon!!

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    Angie says

    Loved your Duck Call remark! We have a wooden caller that sounds just like a Train Whistle!—Want me to send it to you? I bet that would have an interesting reaction from Chad’s room!— A train passing through!
    I’m working on a String Quilt ala’ Mary Johnson. More coffee, and breakfast–and I’m ready to stitch. I started yesterday. I have 10 of the 48 blocks finished. Loving it!

  16. 21


    I’m geting a later start that planned, but I’ll just jump in and get going. This is my first pieced quilt so I’m certain I’ll be slowing down for the (learning) curves.

    That shopping trip I had planned for earlier in the week didn’t happen so that’s first on the list for today. I’ve taken a couple of pictures of the fabric on hand. We’ll see if I can stick with that decision after going to the quilt store.

    I’ve listed my daugher’s blog in my ID but I hope to figure out the mechanics of blogging this weekend also and get a blog of my own started.

    I hope everyone is making great progress.

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      I’ve got a bunch of PHD’s, I’ll be working a couple of them. It will help with my New Year plan to get things “DONE”. Thanks Pam for the reminder of those… my children will have a good laugh over that acronym.

  17. 22


    Here it is 11:30 am, earlier I went upstairs and finished piecing what I started last night then came down to shower, breakfast etc. Then got sidetracked cleaning the kitchen – it looks great now. My daughter in law is coming over later for her first quilting lesson. I am so excited that she wants to learn to quilt! So we will be quilting right along with everyone.

  18. 23

    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    I’m working on my super king size “Wheel of Mystery” quilt. It took me months to do all the curved piecing but now I’m working on quilting it on my Pfaff domestic sewing machine. I’m quilting it in two sections and then I will join them together. This method works well for me since I don’t have a long arm. You are a lucky gal, Judy!

  19. 24


    TOOT TOOT the horn…. or duck call… readyy.. set…. go.!

    I’m hand quilting all this week on a wholecloth white baby quilt. DUE Valentines Day.

    Not to speedy for a marathon but Im here!

  20. 25

    Betty says

    Was not able to participate Sat but did sew some Friday and still working today. Doing a Scrappy Crayon Box by Bonnie Hunter. Originally got started on this trying to make 12 of these blocks for a swap. Then made 9 extra and am making a baby sized quilt. Have 2 of the rows sewed together, so hopefully will get the top all finished. Crossing my fingers.
    I do not have a blog either.