Stash Report 1-17-10

Can you believe January is halfway over?

Another good stashbusting week at my house.  I’m tell you . . I’m on a roll!

Used this Week:  34 yards
Used year to Date: 88 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Used for 2010:  88.0 yards

Here’s the spreadsheet so you believe me.  Yep, my numbers are hard to believe but they’re true!

By the way, Peaches & Dreams is finished!  Binding is done!  Pinwheels on Parade is on the longarm.  Blueberries & Cream — the piecing is started and that’s what I’m working on today.

How’d you do this week?  Please share a link to your report.  Please . . only links to direct posts, not to your main blog.  Links to main blogs are deleted.


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    Okay, had to blow up your stash report. You worked on 4 (?) quilts, thats more than one per week. wow, your sewing machine must be smoking!

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    Ida @ says

    Good morning, Judy!

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you beat me to the computer this morning, even tho you’re an hour later than me. 😉

    Happy stash busting today!

    I’m busily sewing in my bunker … but I’m doing a Quilts for Kids, so it’s yardage that was never mine, so it’s not in my stash. Cest la vie!

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    Good for you Judy! It’s been fun to see the projects you are cranking out. I saw you were up and at it early Saturday morning on Twitter.

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    You are a great example! The end of the year is going to be great when we finally see how much you want to use for the year. Keep up the amazing work!

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    you are on a roll. I accounted for just over 100yds used last year and you have almost used that this month! AMAZING!!! wonderful job!

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    oops! I posted the quiltathon post in the stash busting report on accident. Can you delete #30 Becky and I’ll repost in the correct place?


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    Well, I have no idea how you all do it to bust that much stash – you are my heroes! Nevertheless I am still in the black as well and that’s what counts.
    Judy, I messed up and added this weeks report to last weeks stash report, sorry about that. Don’t know if you can somehow fix it? Oops, I guess it’s called quiltathonic disease when you can’t concentrate on anything else.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Ok, I bought fabric today, I couldn’t resist. My friend Lisa and I went to lunch at our favorite spot and on the way to my house we stopped at Bears Paw and I just had to have these 2 valentine’s fabrics. I have been working on a square in a square quilt using valentine’s fabrics for ever and these are perfect, one is for the back the other will work into the front. I also got backing and piping fabric for my sunflower find pillow cover that I am going to finish today. So, mostly they will get used immediately. I signed up for a class while I was there (so did Lisa) the covered clothes line bowl/pocketbook thing that I’ve been seeing everywhere. I just can’t wait to try it out, it looks like a great way to stashbust with all those fabrics that I didn’t know what I was thinking when I bought them!!

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    Judy — you’ve done more in two weeks than I’ll get done in a year. I am impressed. I wonder if I can convince my husband that I need to give up my day job…

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    Judy, I would like to participate…but don’t know how to link to anything other than my main blog… If someone can help me out, great, but if not, I’ll just post it this way.

    I’m not doing so well so far this year….I did use three yards to make some table toppers for Valentines Day…but last week I also added 21 yards. All was purchased on sale, and for a specific project: 12 yards batik for a commissioned baby quilt that will get started tomorrow; 1 yard for background for the quilt we will be making at our retreat in April; 1 yard sewing themed for a class I am teaching next month on thread catcher bags; 3 yards skiing cats (yes, the cats are on skis!) for pillows for my best friend who has a condo in Colorado and I love to make a hostess gift when we go stay there; 3 yards patriotic for QOV backing; and 1 yard that will make an adorable OBW (no idea for who, but I just HAD to have it!)

    I’ll try to do better, at least until the end of the month!! LOL

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    Darlene S says

    Judy – My stashbusting report week 3

    Used this week .25 – hanging sleeve on Purple Zinger
    Fabric added 0
    Used YTD – 12.16 yds
    Added YTD – 1.5 yds

    I’m doing well in the added category, but not so fast for the used. Will do better soon, I hope.

    I am happy for your efforts and duly impressed too! Keep it up. Dar S

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    Oh Judy, I posted my day 2 quiltathon report here instead of the quiltathon post….can ya fix it? Can ya fix me??? I’m tired!

  13. 18


    You are doing great Judy! I am at -60 yds. If I’d not been keeping track, I’d have no clue what my usage patterns are like. I’d better stay out of stores and stay at home sewing, don’t you think? 🙂

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    It is so nice to be able to use my stash before running to LQS to buy fabric. This week I was able to gift some fabric to a friend. That certainly helps with stashbusting.

  15. 20


    Bought none.
    Used this week-nothing. I did alot of sewing but nothing is done. Next week I should have something to add to my total.

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    Hi Judy … I’m not new to the stash report, but am new to blogland (or at least having a blog). I’m doing pretty good so far, but we’ll see how long that lasts! I had a horrible year last year starting around June so I just stopped keeping track, but I’m determined to do better this year!

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      My advice to all is that even if you fall off the wagon, keep on reporting. Hopefully there will be no shopping sprees but if there are, just pick up the pieces and continue on with the reports and hope for the best in the end.

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    Its definitely fun to read about how everyone is doing with their stash this year! I can’t believe you’ve used 88 yards already…that’s a lot of quilting! 😉

    While I usually post my own stash report each week, this week is thrown off a little as our desktop computer at home decided to pick up a really nasty virus that none of the virus softwares knew about yet. So we had to pull our data off the machine, which the data was fine, and then reformat the entire stupid thing. Its still getting fixed now and we started Saturday morning!

    Anyway – my stash report is still at just over 5 yards used for the year.

    I got the binding machine sewn onto a quilt this week along with the quilt top for another baby quilt almost done (just needs two simple borders). Of course, no pictures due to the computer issue. Hopefully things will get back to normal later this week and I’ll be able to post some pictures. 🙂

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    You are really busting it! I had decided when I started doing stash reports, that I would try to keep up with you . . . and that would make me feel good. How am I going to do that, when you’re using fabric at that rate, and I keep getting more? Ugh! You’re a hard act to follow!