Design Wall Monday 1-18-10

Why is it that I have been finishing project on Saturday and having to scurry to get something on my design wall for a picture to post on Monday?  Yes, I could post something from any time during the week but mostly you’ve already seen that and I want something new or something that has progressed since you last saw it.

Here’s the beginning of Blueberries & Cream.  This one will have 35 – 12″ blocks and no borders.

What’s on  your design wall?


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    Judy, I like the blue and cream. My wall hasn’t changed much from last week. I have sewn a few more rows together. Thanks for all the comments from those who visited my Blog! I really had a fun week. I think 15 comments was a record.

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    Mary says

    Thanks for continuing with the design wall Monday. I’m finally back on track and getting a picture and post up. I have fabric to make a peaches and cream quilt. Maybe that’s the one I will make next…oh wait, it’s baby quilts next.

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    Diane says

    I seem to get stuff done over the weekend and the wall is empty too!
    I like the blueberries and cream–you’ll probably have it done tomorrow (me thinks you ARE the energizer bunny). 🙂

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Judy, I really want to do this quilt. I have loved all the different color variations that you have shown, but the blueberries and cream has to be my favorite.

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    My wall is waiting today. If my weekend is full I find I don’t have time to organize my next week and have something up. Oh well. It happens. At least now I know what I’m supposed to be playing with this week:)
    I agree with the others Judy. I love this quilt in the Orange, but the Blue looks great. I can see it in Green or even with Oriental themed prints.

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    This is such a versatile pattern. It has certainly grown on me – so much that I will probably have to make one soon.

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    Oh I love the blue. I had to laugh about you getting something up to show. Sounds like me. I just found you guys over the weekend and would love to join. Maybe I’ll have something up for next Monday. I need the motivation.
    Reminds of being in classes years ago show and tell always motivated you to get your blocks done!
    BTW I loved your two pink quilts they were both so bright and pretty.
    Have a great week.

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    Thank you for Design Wall Monday. It is keeping me on my toes to make good quilting progress. I love to see what you and all the other quilters are doing. There is a lot of great stuff out there to see. Thank you to everyone for sharing.

    Have a great day and keep sewing.

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    This is my first entry — I keep remembering on Tuesday that I was going to do this on Monday. I hope I can remember next Monday … and have something different to show!

    -karen in wi

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    HI Judy! You continue to inspire me both here at your blog and on Facebook! Still in awe of the number of projects that you complete as well as cooking. Please tell me that you never clean.
    Last week my link disappeared from the list so I must have done something wrong when I posted it. Hopefully I got it right this week!

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    Blueberries and Cream is going to be gorgeous. I can’t help thinking about a future Strawberries and Cream – bound to be lovely eye candy too!

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    I’m loving that quilt and need to make one, too!

    I had to clear a few minutes in my day to post so I could show my design wall! It has been busy with little stuff today…

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    Angie says

    Love what’s on your Wall! Judy.

    Thank you for Design Wall Monday. I was a bit late posting, and then I posted wrong the first time Judy. So, I’m on the list twice. (opps-sorry)

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    I love your blue and cream. I may have to duplicate it. I have a lot of leftover blue fabric from my sons quilt and more forn donation quilts. Thanks for all the Ideas. Check out my stash report. I think you would like my blenders.

    Have a great week,