Feeling Adventurous

No, I’m not going out in the dark by myself!  In my yarn buying frenzy, I bought some ugly yarn.  I’m sure someone loves this yarn but I’m not that someone.  Not only do I find it big and scratchy for sock yarn but this is one ugly color.  What was I thinking?

It’s as boring in real life as it is in the picture.  It’s kinda pukey yellow to a washed out gray to a muddy mucky brown.  A far cry from the brights I usually buy . . what was I thinking?  🙂

Anyway, while playing around on Ravelry today, I found a pattern that uses bigger needles (size 3) and is a toe up pattern, which I also am not crazy about.

So, on a Monday night, why not try a pattern I probably won’t like on a yarn I know I don’t like?  I suppose if I gift these socks to anyone, they’ll know they’re not my best friend!  Really . . I’m thinking I need some bulkier socks for my black rubber boots so . . here I go . . I’m going to cast on as soon as I publish this post.  The worst that can happen is I’ll throw the whole mess in the trash and forget that I ever bought it!



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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I agree, please don’t trash it. I think the boot idea is great. I have 1 ugly pair of socks for my boots (I think they were men’s socks that my other half wouldn’t wear because they are scratchy and bulky. I put on those silk wicker under socks and these on top. They are nice a cushiony in a pair of big black boots. I bet they may become one of your favorites after their done. Good luck. Dar

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    If you don’t like the socks, you can have a give away on your blog…..Hand knit socks by Judy would draw alot of entries….I won’t enter though as I can’t wear wool……

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    Wow, sounds like a colored yarn I once used. I swear, every time I washed those things they bled yellow like they were peeing. I finally just removed the color from them and over dyed them with some lime koolaid. I wear them a lot now.