Finish #5

Edit:  Sorry . . I originally said the EQ file was on my sidebar but it’s the pattern for this file that’s on the sidebar.

This quilt is the brown Saratoga Lights quilt and it was started in December (I think . . could have been November).  Chad liked it and asked for it so it’s his.  Several years ago there was a big rush between Chad and Vince to see who could “claim” quilts first.  As soon as one of them saw a quilt, if they liked it, they claimed it for their own.  Lately, neither of them have wanted anything I made so I was happy that Chad asked for this one.

The pattern is over on the sidebar.

I quilted it using Keryn Emmerson’s Spiral Square panto.  That’s the only panto I’ve used lately and there’s a reason – I’m lazy!  I want to use this panto for my dad’s quilt which I think will be the next top I quilt but I have to finish it first.  Changing pantos is not a big deal but I just keep thinking . . why change it when I’m going to have to put it right back on.  Makes no sense to me now that I think about it but I really love the Spiral Square panto!


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    I do the same thing with panto’s — I try to find at least a couple quilts to do while I have one on there. I’m getting ready to put my Circle Lord Swirls template on and I think I have 3 or 4 quilts now that will get quilted with them — I save them up because I don’t like to take the boards off and on for just one quilt.

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    Spiral Square is a favorite of mine also, especially when you want a gender-neutral panto or something more angular. Plus it’s fun to do! This is a great quilt for Chad.

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    shannon says

    Pretty soon you’ll be making quilts so you don’t have to change the Panto….jk

    Still haven’t got my quilt to the quilter darn it!

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    Bessie H. says

    I also love this panto for boy’s quilts. Two of my DGS have square spiral on their quilts. Looks great on Chad’s too! It’s also easy to do and goes so fast

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    Keryn says

    I’m going to have to start paying you if you keep saying nice things about my patterns! We use it all the time too, looks good on Log Cabins, helps to break up all the straight lines.

    You really set the bar high, with all the great quilts you finish; it gives us mere mortals something to aim for.

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    Darlene S says

    OK, now I’m curious. What is Spiral Square panto. Is it a paper panto or a board one? I’m a newbie and this is a new name for me. Can you draw what it looks like? Thanks Dar

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    You’re making ANOTHER quilt for your dad? Wow, after that last marvelous one you made for him I thought he’d gotten enough….especially with the uber excited response of his that you posted when you gave it to him (hilarious, btw).

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    I, too, love the Square Spiral panto pattern by Keryn Emmerson. I’ve used it on all types of quilts, from very masculine and geometric, to very pastel, floral, feminine quilts. It looks good on almost any type of quilt as long as the thread color is right for the quilt.
    I once had a group of ladies who all belong to the same small quilting group bring me their quilts to quilt. They ALL wanted the Square Spiral panto. I think that was 8 quilts in a row. Good thing I really like that panto.

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    pdudgeon says

    so glad you published this pattern! I’ve had a stack of flannel sitting in my sewing room since December and couldn’t remember what i had bought it for, so thanks for jogging my memory.