Yarn Buying is Hard Work

You quilters think shopping for fabric is a job . . try buying sock yarn!  Yesterday, for a brief moment (very brief!), I thought to myself . . I’m giving up ever trying to buy yarn again! Do you remember how much I went through to get the infamous Wollmeise yarn?  Tha was not even one week ago.

The other much desired, hard to find, stay up all night stalking The Loopy Ewe‘s site, sit by the computer all day and still miss out yarn is something called Bugga Sock by The Sanguine Gryphon.  What is it about something you can’t get that makes you want to walk across hot coals (or sit and hit F5 all day) just to get it?

I was sewing . . minding my own business.  Time to stop sewing, go upstairs and get the pita bread rolled out for lunch.  Stopped by the computer, clicked on The Loopy Ewe’s “what’s new” button and what do you think was new?  Bugga Sock! My heart was pounding.  My hands were shaking (not really but it adds to the drama!).  I quickly put four or five skeins in my cart.  I hit “check out” and then decided to see if there was another color I might want.  Oh, no!  Something terrible happened.  Every sock knitter in the world had heard that The Loopy Ewe had Bugga and we crashed the website.  Nothing was happening.  No one was getting Bugga.  F5!  F5!  Refresh!  Nothing!

I was kicking my butt for not checking out when I had the chance.  Did I say I’ve never even seen this yarn so I have no idea why everyone across the globe is trying to get it before I get mine.  I came upstairs, I called them.  No, they couldn’t take an order on the phone because they had no idea what had already gone through and if they even had any left! Rolled out a pita pocket.  Hit F5.  Nothing.  Rolled out another pita pocket.  Hit F5.  Nothing.

Finally, it came back up and I was able to checkout.

And, look at Little Loopy right there in the middle of the yarn!  I’m betting he’d love to meet my chickens!  🙂

Do you think I should have to go through all that trouble just to get sock yarn?  I guess if I want the same thing every other knitter seems to want .. yes, I do have to go through all that trouble. 🙂  The yarn is 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere (yes!  Cashmere!) and 10% nylon.

You don’t even want to hear about the escapade to get yarn directly from Wollmeise in Germany when she updated her webpage at 1:10 a.m.   The good news is . . I have closed my ears and no one is talking me into buying any more yarn for a very long time!



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    I’m trying to understand the lure of buying yarn… it seems to be different than fabric? I mean, we just tell ourselves better fabric will be made, and it’s ok to leave it on the shelves until we can actually use it. Only if it falls into the “I love you SO much!” does it find it’s way home with me.

    I guess I could understand a little better if you were actually touching and fondling the yarn before buying it. 😉

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    Oh, that is too funny, but glad you got your yarn at the end of the day :-). I’ve done that with ebay auctions and yes, my heart DOES start pounding LOL.

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    Oh My, the colors are fabulous. I thought they were solid until I enlarged the photo…..can’t wait to see how they turn out. There is nothing wrong with shopping for what you want! I’m glad you able to get them.

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    Marilyn says

    I understand exactly about the heart pounding etc….
    not about yarn (yet) but too many other things. Glad
    you got the Bugga, you’ll be styling in those socks.
    At least with the internet I don’t have to push the
    cart through the snow.

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    Jane says

    One of my goals for 2010 is to learn how to knit…knit and make bread….do you have any suggestions as to video sites that I can go to? I bought the book Knitting for Dummies and well, I guess I’m dumber than a dummy but I need to be “shown”!! I couldn’t “get it” from the pictures!!! I know I am a visual learner……I gotta be shown something so here it sits. I know I can google it likely and come up with something. Wish me luck!! 😀

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    All you went through to get your ‘Bugga’ sounds like you worked for it and thus “earned’ it! Glad you had a happy ending!

  7. 9

    Ruth says

    Oh Judy, for Christmas I fell in love with wool cashmere stocks with snowflake patterns and bought one for me, one for my sis, and one for my mom. They are the warmest socks I have ever owned. I hope your new wool will be fun to knit!

  8. 10

    Carol says

    You’re too funny. While I was trying to organize my stuff, I came across a crochet project that I haven’t worked on in a really long time. While taking a break, I decided to do some crocheting. I forgot how relaxing it can be. It brought back memories of spending hours knitting. That yarn is so tempting. Where did I put all my knitting needles?? Loopy is so cute.