Quilt Without Borders

When I started this quilt, I thought it would be a whole lot quicker to make than was the same size quilt with borders.   The blue quilt has 35 blocks and no borders.  The peach quilt has 12 main blocks, 54 smaller border blocks, and 8 borders including the pieced border.  The blue quilt surprisingly took me quite a bit longer to piece . . but it’s done and I’ll quilt it today.

I think it’s too busy and it confuses me.  No more quilts without borders for me.


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    I thought of you last night as I was working on my current quilt. I usually make quilts with 1 or 2 borders. The one I am working on now has a white border and then 4 more borders. One of them is a pieced border. So, this is a first for me. I thought, “Oh, Judy would be love all these borders.” I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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      I find it more trouble to finish a top without borders! I can add a dozen borders easier than I can make one like this with no borders. My brain just doesn’t let me do it!

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    OH I totally agree …no borders surely did make it hard on the eyes…but I love the blue and whites and the pattern.
    The Morning Splash quilt I made for my niece went very well..I told her it’s the quilt I’m most proud of. All my pieces lined up and went together well ..not wonky at all. I stopped before the outer borders so that it would be a good cuddle size and not too big to be carted around. With the cotton blanket on the back it adds weight to the quilt and she takes her everywhere like I said.
    I will make myself on to keep..I still have my tri’s for the outer border and some misc. pieces.
    I do love your patterns and the instructions are so right one that I could just sew and not trim to.

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    I’ve said it before but I want to again…Thank You so much for everything you share with us each day. I use your recipies..I cook as you do from scratch and precook and freeze, knit and quilt. Your suggestions, patterns, recipes and chicken entertainment really make my day. And that you post several times a day most days all makes me happier.
    So Thank You, Thank You for your blog and all you do.
    When my husband asked where did you get the pattern…I said from My Friend Judy.

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      Thanks! When someone like you tells me they made the quilt and the recipient loved it (but she would have loved anything you made!), or you tried a recipe and loved it . . that makes everything worthwhile and inspires me to do more.

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    Becky I says

    I really liked the orange one but the color in the blue one is wonderful. I do agree it needs borders though but I understand why you are doing it without. It will be a great lesson for all to see. Thanks for sharing.

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    pdudgeon says

    i can see some degreed engineer just absolutely loving this quilt. everything connects with everything else! LOL
    it reminds me of a jeans quilt with all the diferent shadings.

    i love the blues!

    this pattern would be really interesting in black, white, and grey with just a few narrow strips of red thrown into the center.

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      I was thinking about making a smaller one for my husband since he still wants a quilt for watching TV. He’s an engineer — not sure if he’d like it better in blue or brown.

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    I have started the same quilt in orange/purple/fuschia—-love those bright colors. How do you quilt so fast?!? Do you cut everything out first and then put together? It took me about 2 hours just to put the first block together!!!! If you get a chance check out the ONE block on my blog! At this rate, it will be a couple of months before I finish it 🙁 Love the blue one—doesn’t seem to busy to me, but then that is my personality I guess 🙂 Have a great remainder of the day!!

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      I looked at it and I like it. I’m anxious to see what it looks like done. Please keep me posted on its progress.

      Yes, I cut out everything before I start sewing. I’m going to do a blog post about how I do it.

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    I agree, the borders make the quilt! But then I’m with you, they always do, especially YOUR borders! You’re like an EQ border Zen master! 🙂

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    I am usually a border person but frankly, I love the blues so much that if you can’t handle it without borders, you can just send it on over to me and I’ll take good care of it for you!

    -wink- Good job!

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    Deb Myers says

    Well, Judy, I certainly don’t agree that this quilt NEEDS borders~ I absolutely LOVE it just the way it is!!! Isn’t it funny/wierd that when one subscribes to a certain school of thought, one has difficulty seeing “out of that box”??? I think that there are many quilts out there that don’t need borders; and I’m always happy when I DON’T have to add borders to a quilt!!
    I think borders take FOREVER, and have always been stymied at your ease and enthusiasm for adding them~ you seem to be of the “more the merrier” mentality!! I’m thinking of making your blue quilt for my Best Friend’s daughter, Katie who will graduate from Emmanuel College in Boston in May. Her school colors are blue and yellow, of which I’ve been specifically collecting for since last summer. I’d guess that I have, mmmm, 50? half-yard pieces of yellow/white/blue combination~~ should be gorgeous~~~ Just like yours!!!
    As Always, Thanks for sharing!!

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    Dorothy S says

    I like this quilt! I think without the borders it looks a little more masucline, colors help a little too. It actually looks like one my brother would like, hmmm…

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    Judy, I love this quilt…..it looks like an optical illusion….my grandbabies would just love to roll around on that quilt from space to space……..LOL
    Great job!

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    Evelyn says

    Antique quilts often don’t have borders because you would have to buy yardage (gasp) instead of using scraps. I think that quilt would look very pretty on a big tall bed witha white or blue bedskirt! Or to see someone snuggling under it on the couch – would be wonderful too! Shoot, I even use a certain quilt for picnics and the beach (much to everyone elses dismay, but gosh – we like our quilts and USE them – although not every quilt qualifies for picnics/beach!). It is a GREAT study in how the same pattern can look so different in different colors and with/without borders. Great job.

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    Bobbie says

    What more is there to say than ^^^^^^^^. I like the blue, but I’m going to do the Peaches and Dreams one in turquoise colors. Have to pick up a few more lighter colors and then I’m good to go. Hugs, Bobbie

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    JoanS says

    Like Becky above, if you really don’t care for the quilt, send it on to me! It will receive a very appreciative, loving home! This pattern is gorgeous no matter which way you do it!!

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    I love quilts without borders so of course, I love this version too. I liked borders a lot better when I was in GA and had room to stretch the quilts out to measure and pin them.

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    Virginia says

    Hi. I just found your website and this quilt that you made. It’s beautiful! Would you be willing to share the pattern that you used??


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    I just found your website. Love the borderless quilt!!! (I was looking for examples of blue quilts.) I quite prefer quilts without borders. This appears to be a controversial subject. 🙂

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      I’m not sure there’s a controversy about borders or not. My latest book was about borders and yet I still make some quilts without borders. I love quilts with or without borders.