It’s Been a Long Week!

What I didn’t say here was that Vince left Sunday to go out of town for a week.  Chad left Sunday to go back to school.  And, I was home alone for a week.  As one who always says I love to be home alone . . what I really mean is I love some time each day home alone.  I do not like having no one here to share breakfast.  I do not like having lunch alone.  I do not like dinner at the table by myself.  But worst of all . . when it gets dark, I’m so scared.  On Sunday night, when it got dark, some little voice inside told me . . you are not going to make it five nights alone! But then I said that that little voice . . you have no choice!

For a week I sewed, I knitted, I did only what I wanted to do.  I cooked things I wanted to cook.  How about an avocado and tamales, along with a Dr. Pepper for dinner?

About noon today I stopped sewing.  I stopped knitting.  I vacuumed, I cleaned bathrooms, I mopped, I dusted . . in just a few hours, it looked like I’d slaved all week.  I made a pizza so Chad could have dinner when he got home about 4 and wouldn’t you know it . . Vince got home about 5 minutes before Chad did and it looked like I planned to have a pizza come out of the oven when he walked in the door.  Good wife!  🙂

Vince found a cheese shop while he was gone.

Vince found a bakery.

Vince found a new toy for Speck.

I’m glad Chad is home for the weekend.  I’m glad Vince is home and I don’t have to take that 10 p.m. walk with Speck . . in the dark!  Things are back to normal at my house.


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    I’m glad your guys are home. I’m not a fan of being home alone at night either, but I’ve had to do it. Sure is lots of noises in the night. 😉 Vince is a pretty good shopper!

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    My husband works 24 hours on and then 48 hours off (but he almost always works at least one extra shift a week). My son works at Walmart and many evenings I am home by myself until 11 p.m. or so. It does get lonely.

    And . . . our houses do like to creak and groan to get us shook up, don’t they.

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    I’m glad things are back to normal for you. I sure miss having a bakery – but it’s better for my diet that we don’t have one.

    I actually like it when the guys are gone – but it gets lonely after a day or two.

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    i did 2 months last summer alone. It was wonderful! At least from a cooking and quilting standpoint. I did get lonely. I got tons done and spent a whole lot less on groceries. Even with work most days I think I spent 4-6hours a day in the sewing room.

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    Just call me Miz Chickenheart. I sew or read until I’m so tired I don’t care if someone comes in to kill me. Until the next night when I have to start all over again. I’m so glad Dan’s not gone much any more. You did good, Judy!

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    I”m glad you survived your week alone and also managed to make it look like you had been slaving away at housework and cooking while the menfolk were away! LOL

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    D Seals says

    Since I work outside the home my perfect time is when a long weekend rolls around and I don’t have to leave the house for 3 or 4 days. And if I’m alone it’s even better. Hubby used to be a trucker so I have had to do it all with a toddler and teenager. Still scary at night but you get used to it or learn to live with it. lol!

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    I’m glad your hubby is there for you.

    I really never thought about being alone, between my hubby out to sea or stationed away I had many nights alone. Than he worked graveyard for 5 years, I was alone again. Back than I did a lot of knitting, sewing, now he is home and I lost my sewing energy.

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    Peggy says

    Was Vince in Wisconsin? Schullsburg Cheese is made not too far from where we plan to live in WI. in my husband’s home town.

    The baked goods look great! If I want goods like that I must go north or make them myself.

    DH was in WI for 15 long days and nights to be with his son while he had a operation and going to his younger brother’s funeral. I wanted to be with him, but stayed home to transport my father daily to the nursing home to see my mother. I understand how you felt being home alone, even if my elderly father was here also. Walking a dog at 10pm is not for me either.

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    I’m so proud of you. Being alone is no fun especially at night. I married a truck driver several years ago so I was alone alot raiseing our two kids . Then the kids grew up and moved away so was looking forward to settleing down with him when he retired but he past away 10 years ago so I’m back to being alone again . you finally get used to it .But I know how you feel I’m glad your guys are home for you now.

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    Evelyn says

    I love a man who brings home food gifts! Glad you made it through ok and it sounds like Speck still got his nightly walk (in the dark!). My sister lives in Montana and has a German Shepherd and Shit-zu for inside the house and a burro for outside the house to be with the horses. The burro always brays if there is a bear or mountain lion or some sort of danger outside – so she knows when going out to the barn to be on full alert! Cheers! Evelyn

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    I just found out that Andrew is leaving for three days next weekend…all I can say is Wahoooooooooo….but it’s only three days and then he has to come back.

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    KatieQ says

    My husband traveled for business frequently when the chidren were small (wonder if that was deliberate). We missed him, but meals were more casual and we found things to keep us busy. Now the kids are in college and we are both retired, I miss having the house to myself. Last summer, I had a week alone and sewed every day and ate whatever and whenever I felt like. The only thing that wasn’t fun was noises in the night.

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    Peggy says

    Vince wouldn’t have been inIowa by any chance. Those donuts look like the ones we used to get in Pella Ia when we visited my father.

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    Jane says

    You survived!!!! Way to go! Again, you impress me with every post! Love how you made another quilt with leftovers from the one before….your lunch looked yummy (not sure about the avocados!!lol), having your yummy pizza supper ready just in time…..ahhhh. 😀 Glad life it back to normal for you.

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    You were not totally alone. Speck was with you.
    I love being alone. I love missing my hubby.
    I am always so glad when he comes home again!

    I am so looking forward to meeting you this October!


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    Patty says

    I know what you mean about being alone. Night time is a little scary!
    That is why I have my babies (3 dogs and 7 Parrots) to keep me company! This year, my husband, who works for a contractor on the Army installation near us, will be going to Germany for 1 month, and later this year, he will be going to Korea for 8 months. Teaching soldiers how to operate the new tanks. Although the exta money will be great, I will miss him terribly! On the other hand, I will be getting the house super clean and LOTS of quilting done that I just don’t seem to have the time for now.

    I was looking forward to having my grandchildren here for sleepovers on the weekend, but, they are moving to FL Feb 1st. Now I really need to learn how to keep myself busy! LOL!

    Enjoy having your men home!

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    Sue says

    YUM! Dutch Letters and other Dutch pastries! Did Vince go to Pella, IA? There is a great quilt shop there.

    I hate being home all day and all night alone too.

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    It’s funny but I don’t even think about being alone so much and I tend to get a lot more done because I don’t have anyone here in the evenings which is usually my most productive time of day. Keith leaves again tomorrow and won’t be home until Thursday. I do prefer not to be alone on weekends though – that’s when I tend to get lonely.