Quilting on Blueberries & Cream

On Lime Green Kitchen:

Grandma Himel’s Tea Cakes – a recipe given to me by my friend Nita from south Louisiana.  They’re great and they’re easy to make — not too sweet but just the perfect little treat!

Yes, don’t say it . . I used the same panto again.  Maybe next week I’ll change pantos . . maybe not.  I love Spiral Square.  It’s a good amount of quilting without being tedious.

I’ll get the binding done today.  Thanks to all who volunteered to take it off my hands but it will be a QOV going to Alycia.


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    Use that panto until “you” get tired of it. How many times have we purchased something and not used it? Go for it. It looks great.

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    I was wondering how you quilted this quilt when I saw it on FB yesterday. I have never quilted using a panto, but this design looks nice on the quilt and also looks EASY and QUICK!
    Maybe it is time for me to give panto’s a try!

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      Try it! At first I didn’t like them at all and didn’t do them for years but I use them often now. But I guess everyone knows how much I’ve used this one lately.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, it looks fantastic! Someone will love this quilt. I know I would!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

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    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    Isn’t this about finish #7 plus all the socks?!! Keeps me busy reading about all that you get done. It is a pretty quilt even though I am not a ‘blue’ person. Hope someone special appreciates it.

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    I am seeing a black and gold combination….Go Saints! You are a great inspiration. I look forward to coming home every night to see what you have in store for us. Who knows, I might even dust off the stove one day!