One More Blue One

Yesterday morning I walked into the sewing room.  The Blueberries & Cream top was still hanging across the longarm.  There were piles of blue fabric waiting to be folded and put back on the shelf.  The idea came to me to us the same block design and make a small quilt for Vince to use while watching TV.  I’ll use the flannel with chickens for the backing and it will be soft and hopefully something that he’ll want.  I got the blocks done and the rows together.

I’ll add two plain borders, piece the backing and hopefully get it quilted today.


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    Vince sure is lucky to get a beautiful quilt like that with a snuggly back. If he doesn’t like it, I know a gal in Tucson that would love it! It would be perfect to snuggle under while knitting socks! Great job – as you always do.

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    Mama Pea Quilts says

    You are a veritable quilting machine! I’m in awe. And sure do enjoy seeing all your quilts.

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    How on earth do you whip quilts out so fast Judy? You have a little factory of elves hidden away in your workshop? LOL

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    Do you have Speck and the chickens trained to help you make quilts? (I’m thinking THEY might be the “elves” that help you do these quilts so quickly….LOL)

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    Dawn says

    You sure are fast woman. Is that because when you were alone for the week you didnt sleep? hearing those noises? LOL
    Vince is one lucky guy! It will be warm and beautiful.
    Great job Girlfriend!

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    pdudgeon says

    now won’t it feel good to get another quilt under your belt instead of just putting that nice fabric back on the shelf?

    good for you!!!

  7. 10

    Becky R says

    That’s a great idea. Saves time by not folding and putting the fabric away twice. Hehe.

  8. 15


    Okay—I will ask again—HOW in the world do you do that. Make a quilt in literal seconds!!!!!! I definitely want to be like YOU when I grow up 🙂

    I guess I’d better get downstairs and work on my “Peaches and Berries with Cream”. I should have it done—oh, by Easter at least! Quilty Hugs! and a toast of Dr. Pepper to you!


  9. 18

    Quinta da Quilter says

    Ok – not to be daft but this is the Peaches and Cream quilt done in blue without borders – correct??


  10. 19

    Sandy says

    Vince sure is a lucky man who has a wife who can sew like you and always turns out a good meal….complete with homemade bread. Your quilt is beautiful in blue and I think he will like the chicken flannel backing.

  11. 20

    Darlene S says

    I’m right there with everyone else. YOU ARE AMAZING and my idol! I’m trying real hard to keep focused on my quilting to increase my stashbusting numbers and finish my looong list of UFO’s. Love to watch you sew! Be sure to show us your pieced chicken flannel backing when you get it quilted.

  12. 21

    Sallie McIntosh says

    Judy, I’ve got a question. Do you wash your fabric before making it into a quilt? I’m making a couple of baby quilts and want to back them with flannel and was wondering if the shrinking would be different from the flannel and cotton. I don’t want a mess. I didn’t wash the cotton I used for the blocks for the front. Thanks for the info. I’m kind of incapacitated right now. Had rotator cuff surgery on Tuesday on my left arm AND I’m left handed, so don’t want to used the rotary cutter with the right hand. Might end up with no left hand to worry about. haha