Worth the Wait

Finally!  Chicken #9 has laid her first egg!  Chicken #7 (Smokey) started laying but after a month or so of laying, she quit.  She’s also the chicken that was most intimidated by Lynn (who doesn’t have a number . . because . . well . . you know what happened last week!).  Maybe Smokey will get over her trauma and start laying again soon.

This morning Vince let me sleep late.  Too bad Speck woke me up at 7:15!  Vince did morning chicken duty and there were no eggs.  Then I went out about 9 and there were still no eggs.  Got busy and didn’t go out again til about 4:30 and there were 8 eggs!

See the egg right in the middle on top?  That’s the first egg Chicken #9 has laid.  10 months!!  Everyone told us they would lay when they were 5 months old!  10 months it took #9.  Those Ameraucanas lay pretty eggs but they sure were slow to get started and they definitely do not lay every day.  The Red Stars . . an egg from each chicken almost every day!  The color of the eggs is kinda washed out in the picture but the new layer’s egg is a beautiful aqua!  The other colored egg is on the avocado shade of green.  Aren’t they pretty?  I’m so happy with my chickens!

And, just so you know, they do all have names.  We don’t go by numbers around here.  We’re much too creative for that!  But, in order  to protect the privacy of my chickens, and the reputation of 7 famous (or maybe infamous) politicians, I will never refer to my chickens by their real names on here.  Except .. Lynn and Ruby . . those are real names.  The other 8 . . nope, we aren’t ever going to mention them by name on here!


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    The eggs look wonderful……since you have two varieties of chickens…..does that mean, without naming names of course….the one kind is Republican and the other Democrat……someday Judy, maybe you will get brave enough to share what “side of the fence” your chickens are!!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I’m so glad all of your “girls” are laying eggs now. They ARE happier with (ahem…) *her* gone. Less stress ==> more eggs 🙂 All is well. At last.

    If you really want to confuse people about the hens’ names, use the names of famous Greens (maybe from Australia, Canada, or Germany?), Libertarians (U.S., some in Canada), or other small political parties. I think Minnesota has some unique Minnesota-only political parties, too! And, of course [wicked cackle–hen reference intended], you could OH NO! make up the names of political parties.

    Here are three, just for starters:

    1) Cackle Quilters–platform: no chicken block goes unquilted
    2) Garden Greens–platform: no green vegetable goes ungrown, nor green fabric unsewn
    3) The Poultry Party–platform: we like poultry!

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    Sandy says

    I enjoy hearing about your chickens, Judy. The eggs look large. Do they increase in size after they have been laying for a few months? I am learning so much about chickens!

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      The brown eggs did get larger sfter the chickens hsd laid for a while. I haven’t noticed that the colored eggs got any larger.

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    Becky Wolpert says

    Years ago when my husband & I lived in Springfield (back in the 70’s!), we had 1 chicken (which had probably fallen off a truck coming up from Arkansas). Henrietta laid an egg every day, but each day it was a little bit later, until finally after about 7-10 days there would be no egg. It was simply too late for her, and she just waited and laid very early the next morning.

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    Carol says

    LOL. If it doesn’t violate #9’s privacy, will her eggs remain aqua or will they become avocado colored when she lays more eggs. If it won’t reveal your girls identities, whose idea was it to name your girls after politicians and why? Yes, how do you know which girl laid which egg?

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    I love that bowl of beautiful eggs! I used to love opening the refrigerator to see those pretty eggs. We had to get rid of our chickens when we became citified.

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    I enjoy your chicken reports. I’m glad to hear they all have “real” names. It was beginning to sound like an episode from “The Prisoner,” where everyone is only referred to by number.