Stash Report – Jan. 24, 2010

January will have 5 stash reports so you still have plenty of time to reach goals you set for yourself in January.  Another good week with no temptation to buy fabric.  I did most of the work on the Blueberries & Cream quilt this week but the yardage was counted last week so I ended up only use 14 yards.  I know . . it sounds like a lot but I’ve been using 20+ yards each week.

Used this Week:  14 yards
Used year to Date: 102 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Used for 2010:  102.0 yards

We were down a couple of reports last week.  Hang in there quilters!  Even if you have a bad week, keep reporting. It really does help!  I’ve noticed this and many have told me that knowing you’re going to report for the world to see (well, really just the few who read my blog and your blog!), that helps keep you on track for shopping the stash first.

So, please share with us how you did last week.  Please link only to direct blog posts and not your main blog.  Thanks everyone!!


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    At this rate you’re going to have an empty stash room at the end of the year!!!! You’re rocking and rolling here, Judy!

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    Sharlene says

    I think this is such a good incentive to use up stash. But, I’m not so good at NOT buying the good deals.
    How do I count the fabric in a kit? They have bits and pieces usually.

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    Yes, when I grow up (?) I want to use as much fabric as you use! I doubt I will hit the big 100 yds by years’ end… Way to go and I agree completely with your statement: I think twice now to buy and do shop my stash first. So thanks for hosting it – and this time I didn’t mess any links up… at least I hope so!

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    Denise says

    It was another good week for me – 6 yards used – not bad since I generally only get to sew on the weekend but it helps having fabric spread all over the living room! I’m more inclined to work on something when I get home from work if the mess is laying right in front of me. 🙂

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    Amazing amout of stash you’re using. And to think you do all that longarming and cooking also.
    I didn’t buy anything this week and used 26.65 yards.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Here’s my stash report for Jan. 24 –

    Used this Week: 4.63 yards – Sailboat quilt, bindings, sashing, and backing
    Used year to Date: 21.43 yards
    Added this Week: 1.75 yards
    Added Year to Date: 3.25 yards

    I have been so good this year about buying, but was given 3 FQ and bought a yard of batik on sale for $6. Just couldn’t resist at that price. Dar in MO

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    Karen - southern CA says

    I submitted the first week and haven’t done too much since then – I went to Road to CA and bought no fabric – just a new cutting mat (needed it) and three new pantos for my longarm.

    Used this week – .25 (made a block of the month)
    used year to date 1.25

    Added this week -0
    Added year to date 5.25

    Net used for 2010 – 4.0 yards

    I am sewing but just finishing projects – so not counting the fabric

    Longarm quilted 2 quilts this week – both mine

    I really enjoy your site and am one of those who check it more than once a day- especially to check on the chickens and to see what you are cooking. Thanks so much for your work

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    Even though I am not reporting, I DO plan on stash busting this year. I haven’t added anything yet, and I’m working on a couple of projects that when they are done will bust a lot of fabric. I can’t report the stash used until the quilt top is done (not quilted) because I’ve been bad about cutting for a project, bagging it, then stealing from it to do something else entirely different. So, with that said, watch for me in another week!

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    Over 100 yards used already – that’s really good.

    I’ve got such a weird tracking system …I write down fabric when I use it but it doesn’t really get counted until the project is finished.

    So far this year I can count 50 yards thanks to a few early finishes and the pillowcases and QAYG blocks for HeartStrings.

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    carol c says

    i dont have a blog. i added 4 yards to my stash in Jan.,2010
    used 1/2 yd of it today
    tomorrow will make 3 9 inch appliqued blocks for a swap
    so however much that will be when i get done w/3 fabs-lol