Vince’s Quilt is Done

And, he said . . I like it but I wish it was longer!  I guess I should’ve made it one block longer but I didn’t!  It ended up 45″ x 57″.  And, it’s Finish #7 for 2010.

The backing is flannel with cute little chickens.

The next project . . I think these are the fabrics I’m going to use.

Yes, it looks boring here but in the EQ drawing, it looks great.  We will see! 🙂


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    Oooh, the new fabrics don’t look boring at all to me, they look wonderful! My mom would flip over those!

    I like small quilts to snuggle with. Anything much bigger than about 60 x 60 I find I rarely use.

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    looks great. 7 finishes in 2010= 7 finishes in 3 weeks. FANTASTIC!!! I’ll be thrilled if I can get 4 finishes by the end of the month. I just might.

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    The quilt looks great. I do like it better with the borders. Can’t wait to see the magic you work with the next set of fabrics!

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    The first “nap” quilt that I made for my husband, he too, said that it needed to be longer. Sooooo, I added another row after it was already quilted! I took off the binding on the bottom and sewed another row on a la quilt as you go method. The second “nap” quilt that I made for him was long enough for him to wrap it under his feet about 14 inches. He also likes his quilts really fluffy, so I go easy on the quilting. Believe me, these would never win at a quilt show, but he likes them.

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    I just measured my husband’s “nap” quilt and it is 48″ X 77″. He’s 5’9″ tall and not very wide. He covers up with his “nap” quilt when he watches tv in his recliner.

    • 5.1


      I’m thinking about 48 x 65 would have been better but it’s done and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Maybe some day I’ll make him another one.

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    Alma says

    After reading Judy’s blog for months and months, I now firmly believe that there has got to be more than ONE Judy!!!

    Let’s face it–everyday she has a new quilt done or at least on her design wall,
    bakes her bread,
    travels to places with Vince,
    cares for Chad,
    prepares yummy meals-along with pictures for us all to see,
    Keeps up with 2 blogs, reads her email,
    answers her email,
    has a ghostsewer in each room (as in ghostwriter)

    Come on Judy—tell the truth….you are a twin- right?!
    you never sleep at night!?
    You have more hours in the day than we do!?
    There just has to be something!!!!

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    Natalie says

    LOVE the colors you have picked out — i was on a green kick, but now im all about blue too. vince is one lucky guy!

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    I love the quilt and the backing……you new choice of fabrics remind me of an early morning sunrise…..can’t wait to see what you’re planning.

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    Now, wait just a doggone minute…didn’t Vince have a complaint another time about a quilt you made for him and you blogged about it? I can’t recall his complaint that time….but I sure hope that other time the complaint wasn’t that it was too BIG!!! LOL

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    Lavina says

    7 finishes…wow. I feel so proud to finish 5 in a year. I will just sit back and admire, though..

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    SheilaC says

    I love the colors in this quilt, even if its not your favorite…. and I like to back my quilts in flannel too 🙂


  12. 14

    carol c says

    um dumb question here, cant you add to it?
    like they use to for mens whiskers? lol in the old days