Cheesemaking Supplies

My cheesemaking kits arrived today but I promised a friend I’d wait til her kits arrive and we’d do them at the same time.  Hers are supposed to arrive on Friday I think.

I had mentioned New England Cheesemaking Supply in my original post about cheesemaking.  I’m pretty disappointed after receiving my order.  When I placed the order, the shipping charges were $18.65.  I thought that was high but didn’t have a clue what size box everything would be in and didn’t question it.  When the box arrived, I noticed it was in a free priority mail box and the actual shipping costs were $10.70.  I called them and was basically told that’s what happens when you order over the internet so I will not be ordering from them any more.  I’m sure there are other cheesemaking supply places online.  I’ve ordered lots of stuff via the internet and I even sell my books and patterns over the internet and I know shipping calculations can be a bit of a hassle but I always refund any difference if it’s over $1.

I’m not going to let their lack of customer service spoil my fun of cheesemaking though . . just wanted to let you know if you’re looking for a place to order supplies.


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    Those shipping charges are outrageous!!! The supplier charged almost twice what it should have been. I won’t be ordering my supplies from them. The company best be warned, that quilters stick together — and those shipping charges won’t get them any additional customers. They should have refunded the difference to you.

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    britt says

    I am a bit surprised. I have heard good things about that company online. I have to agree that difference in shipping and handling is ridiculous. I understand if it is a big box or if it has to be carefully wrapped, but seriously ridiculous to charge almost twice the actual cost.

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    You really don’t need to wait for me to start….

    It must be that I’m clear across the country from you that it takes so long. But you would think with the cost of shipping, we should have had our orders the same day they were placed!

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      Have you made your press yet? I’m headed over to see my dad, he has all kinds of good stuff. I have to figure out what to use for the weights.

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    Julie H. says

    What will you be using for milk? Regular off the shelf stuff or something organic? You didn’t slip a cow onto the property when Vince wasn’t looking did you?

    That is some crazy shipping and handling.

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    Gosh, I’m sorry your experience with them was so…cheesie. *grin* I’d heard good things about that company, too, so it’s surprising. Glad you’re not going to let the shipping experience taint your cheese-making! Cheers! 🙂

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    Wow! Great customer service, huh? I went to a food preservation lecture last summer and the extension agent talked about cheesemaking at home and mentioned some companies to buy from. I’ll have to get out my pamphlets and see if they’re one of them. It doesn’t take long for word to get around the internet about stuff like this. Wonder if Amazon has cheesemaking stuff available??

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    Kathy C says

    Try this site for supplies
    I’m not sure how his prices compare but shipping is included in the price. He has supplies for brie, camembert and blue cheese.
    When I make mozzarella I use Junket rennet tablets and citric acid from the health food store. My friend buys her rennet and citric acid on Amazon. I got the recipe for the mozzarella from
    Once you eat homemade mozzarella you’ll not want store bought. It is amazing in the summer with fresh tomatoes and basil