Just in Case . .

What if come June I have to sleep on the cold, hard ground in a tent?  What if I have to climb a tree to get away from a bear?  What if I have to hike the Rocky Mountains?  What if I have to ride a horse?  What if they enter me in the barrel racing contest?

As soon as I finish this Dr. Pepper . .

And as soon as I finish these Smarties . .

I’m going to clear a path to this thing . .

And I’m going to start exercising.

I’ll be ready for whatever comes my way in 5 months . . I hope!


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    Dianah says

    Judy I’m with you After I finish my diet pepsi I will drag out my Gazelle and put it to proper use today. I told myself self that this was the year I’d get back into shape, and not round.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, is that thing called a treadmill? We had one and used it diligently for a few years. Then it became something to pile stuff on. We finally gave it away. We have walked on and off the last few years. It is not fun for me to go with DH..he gets up too late. My day starts 3-4 hours before his does (except on golf days). When we walk (together) he is so far ahead of me it ceases to be fun. My stride is not what his is, not as long. I think I will take off as soon as the sun comes up and just leave him in bed!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  3. 5


    I love the fact that those are smarties in the US. Up here, smarties are candy coated chocolates, and those rolls are rockets.

    My treadmill is patiently waiting my attention. I swore I’d use it regularly this year, during the 2 hours I have to hang around home between Son #1 and Son #2 heading off to school. But so far, it’s just gathering dust.

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    Okay, start walking. And take it sreiously because if a bear comes , run and run as fast as you can. As long as you can run faster than the slowest person you’re with, then you’re safe. The bear will get the slowest one. This is what my son told me he learned when he camped in the Rockies. And Smarties here in Canada are way better than those you have there.

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    I finally had to start exercising a couple of years ago. The trick for me was a new rule. I could only read my favorite magazines while I was on the exercise bike. It’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning (and my basement is a chilly 59 in the morning) but I go right to it and soon warm up. If not for the lure of quilty reading, I would have never stuck to it. Now I read magazines for the first mile and a book for the last 4 or 5. If it’s a heavy hardback book I tear out the chapters as I read……I only buy books on sale and I figure it’s a small price to pay if it keeps me exercising!

    Good luck!

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    You are so funny! But it’s a good idea . . . I’m sure after laying off riding all winter, my butt bones are in no shape for getting back on my horse my ownself . . . how is it that you keep guilting me into doing all these things? Stash busting . . . now exercising . . . what’s gonna be next? (I’m NOT making cheese . . . I’ve wasted enough time on pasta lately!)

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    Judy C in NC says

    Judy L -We moved to NC from Colorado and I have the perfect “excuse” for you to use – altitude sickness. I would start asking questions – what will the altitude be where you are? what time of the year – mosquitoes are terrible – hiking how far? Living there and being acclimated to the climate makes a lot of difference. We can no longer function in the altitude when we go back for family events – four children still live there. Give yourself plenty of time if you go and don’t even think you will keep up with your friend. The scenery is absolutely beautiful – so take plenty of pictures. Judy C in NC

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    Mary Beth says

    Hey, you are gadget girl. You should check out the FR60 from Garmin. Too cool. It is a watch you use for exercising. It gives you all the stats from your workout. Sometimes that is good….if you work out like you should…and sometimes it is bad, like when you take a easy walk…the Garmin knows!

    • 10.1


      Who are you? Do you work for Garmin or something? 🙂 Yes, folks, she does. I know her . . she’s my friend. I love Garmin but no, I do not want to know how many Dr. Peppers I am working off!

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    I’ll be thinking of you Judy out in the wilds.. we too are heading for unknown territory.. a fishing cabin in Wyoming.
    In England a fishing cabin is usually a little wooden hut, but I’m hoping for something like “On Golden Pond” maybe you’ll be lucky. By the way the only fish I’ve seen came from a fish shop!

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    OH my goodness Judy, you had me laughing today!
    Interesting piece of trivia…we call your Smarties “rockets” and Smarties here are little chocolate pieces covered in a candy shell. Shall I send you some to sample??!!

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    Judi says

    good luck mine got put in the shed and I want it back out. Also don’t forget about the altitude and don’t overdo while there.

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    Angie says

    We have one of these Judy. I put in a lot of miles while I read on my Kindle. We bought it after my husbands knee surgery to help with his recovery. It works. Well, heck, every thing works! —You just have to remember to do it. Ours has the rolling hills setting. That’s a thigh killer!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    A recumbent stationary bike! All right! 😀 The only kind I can get to cooperate with me these days, since the car accident in ’95. *sigh*

    Believe me, ladies: you can work up a righteous sweat on a recumbent….I took off many pounds using one!