QOV Labels

This is the design I use for labels on my QOV quilts.

They’re spaced so I can get four to a page and I either treat the fabric myself or use some of the already treated fabric sheets.

I do not put my last name, nor do I put my city — just Judy and Missouri.

Before I put the label on the quilt, I write this information on the backing:  “Made by Judy in MO as a QOV.”

Then I sew the label over the writing.  If someone removes the label, the writing is still there.

I just clip the four labels apart, sew two raw edges under the binding (when I remember), turn under an edge on the remaining two edges and whip stitch those edges down.  Simple as that!


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    Kris S says

    Where do you find the designs for your labels? Do you have software or do you download from the Internet or design it yourself? I have a friend who asked me this week where to find quilt labels and I was blank.

    Any help is appreciated. Love your website.

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      Great idea to write on the quilt under the label! I will have to do that—at times I would embroidery (I have an embroidery machine) my information on the backing, but unfortunately, I am really lax in labeling my quilts. I’ll try to do better!

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    Judy–I just wanted to let you know how much your blog has become an outlet for my dear quilting Aunt. She is 76 years old and her husband has severe Parkinson’s disease–she is his sole caregiver. She quilts to keep her sanity–the woman turns out more quilts than anyone I know and they are beautiful. After I got the longarm she started sending me her quilts for quilting.

    She goes nowhere usually, a friend brings her fabric and my Mom will go and take her out for a day while her son watches his dad.

    She started reading my blog recently and it is the highlight of her day. Yesterday she told me she had been reading your blog (there is a link on my blog) and loved your free patterns–she is in the process of making your Peaches and Dream quilt. She wanted me to tell you how much she enjoys your blog. THANKS Judy!

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    Robin says

    Those are great labels- what software are you using to make those designs or is that EQ also? I too have been lax about labeling mine also.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Thanks for sharing your QOV labels. Is it from free clip art or did you design it yourself? The group that I quilt with once a month does all hand quilted ones, but I have done a couple on my own (machine quilted of course). The hand quilted ones have a very plain look, but the words are very caring. I may use your idea for the ones I donate just from me. We have 120-30 ladies come from several counties to hand quilt around frames (15-20) set up like the old time quilting bees. We make a day of it — 8 am to 3:30. We finish 8 to 15 quilts each session. It’s very well organized and a lot of fun. I will show them your label. Dar S

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    I follow your blog and am amazed by the number of projects you start, and finish.
    About the labels I was wondering why you don’t put the date when the quilt was made, and the material used ? Or am I putting too much, as I also add the name of the recipient.
    I don’t make many quilts and they are for friends and family really. But my labels seem to have a lot of writing on them.
    Love your blog.