Info on Labels

The labels in yesterday’s post were for QOV quilts.  For labels on quilts made for family or friends, I do put more info.  Here are a few labels I had shown previously on the blog.  These mostly used clipart from Dover.  I did a blog post about  using Dover graphics in labels here.  In that post is a picture of the label for the Peaches & Dreams quilt.

This label was for a different quilt.  The message on there was kinda personal so it’s blurred but you can at last see the layout.

This quilt was made for my uncle who had owned a Gulf service station for years.  Click on the photo to make it larger and see the label.

In this post, I discussed making labels and showed the label made for a quilt I sent to the previous owners of our house.

And, sometimes, I just write something on the corner of the quilt and sometimes, I don’t even label them at all!  Whew . . I said it!  I feel better!  🙂


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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    What brand printer and what kind of ink do you use for labels? I have a problem with computer labels fading and washing away even though I use the special cloth sheets and follow all the directions for setting the ink. I have started using archival pens and tracing over the writing.
    Your labels are beautiful!

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    Julianne says

    I have problems with computer lables fading as well.
    Yours are lovely, you are better with your lables than I am. LOL I mostly forget them entirely.

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    Your last line made me feel better 🙂 I label (most of) my quilts. But they are really basic labels – name, city, date, and name of quilt. And maybe name of recipient if I know who it’s going to. All hand-printed with fabric markers. I think once I drew a vine 🙂

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    I do put HeartStrings labels on all the donation quilts but they don’t have my name. For personal quilts that are gifts – I usually just embroider my initials and the year by hand.

    Sometimes Mom and I do a quilt together for a gift and I usually create the label for her to sew on. I know that a lot of my personal quilts around here aren’t labeled but one of these days I’m going to go through them all and make sure they at least have my initials and the date.

    One day in the future, someone will be looking at one of my quilts and wondering who MJ was….