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OK . . so I didn’t have another picture to show and yes, I’m proud of the new book so you’ll just have to look at it one more time!  I should have told you more about Weekend Quilts.  There are 16 quilts/patterns in the book.  There’s a little blurb on time saving tips . . for those who ask how I get so much done.  And, some of my favorite recipes are included.  Mostly they’re recipes that can be made quickly and allow for yummy meals at home and lots of quilting time.

Some of the quilts (5 I think) are ones that we’ve done as Quilt for an Hour projects but in the book, they mostly have pieced borders that were not included in the Quilt for an Hour project. There are some cool borders (but you know how I feel about borders) and by using the formula for “Making a Pieced Border Fit” (which always has a link over on the sidebar), you can use these borders in most any quilt you’re making.  There were several borders that when I made them, I was so excited about them, it was real hard not to show you.  Even looking at them now, I really love them and hope you will too.

There are plenty of quilts that you have not seen yet.

All of the instructions for all of the quilts are written in one hour increments as they were for the regular Quilt for an Hour projects.

Two funny things — well, there are actually more funny things about the book.  Remember the show “If Walls Could Talk”?  I always laugh when I look at the book once it’s done because I remember things that are funny and I think “If Books Could Talk” but . . they do make talking books so . . forget all that . . back to the book!  One thing I think is funny is that all the quilts in the book are quilted with pantos except the cover quilt.  I didn’t know it was going to be the cover quilt but I wanted to do custom quilting on it.  I had all the other quilts quilted and I kept looking at this one and thinking . . it needs custom/I don’t have time for custom/it needs custom/what panto would work?  Finally I loaded it and did custom quilting and was thrilled that AQS chose it for the cover.  There are some fun feathers in variegated thread on that quilt.  Another funny (to me) thing is that I never buy whole collections or matching pieces of anything.  Vicky had sent me a packet of Moda swirl fat quarters ..  several years ago.  I used those for this quilt and it was nice to have something that all matched.

Another thing I think is funny (ok . . that’s 3 things!) is that Bonnie, who is known as “Bingo Bonnie” . . something about a fat quarter bingo but I haven’t quite figured that out . . sent me a fat quarter packet a year or so ago.  All the fat quarters were from one line of tone on tone fabrics.  I used those in a quilt and named it Bingo Whirl.  I didn’t tell Bonnie until last night because I didn’t know for sure that the quilt made it in the book.

So, thank you Vicky and Bonnie!  You helped me a whole bunch without even realizing you were being so helpful!  🙂

The other thing I wanted to tell you . . .  Several asked about the graphics I used for the QOV labels.   I meant to include that info in the post and forgot.  That particular graphic is from a collection from Original Country Clipart by Lisa that I purchased.  I love Lisa’s graphics and definitely recommend her work.

I think that’s all I wanted to say . . for now!  🙂


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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! How exciting to get an actual copy in your hands! I can’t wait to see the quilts! You’re amazing!

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      Patty says

      Just ordered a copy of your book and can’t wait to get it! I love the cover quilt too! Congratulations on your book!

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    Evelyn says

    How exciting for you! If I were you – I would have burned whatever I was cooking to look through the book. You sure did have will power to finish up in the kitchen first. It is fun to hear all the “inside” stories about the book. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Judy, you know I was just looking at my blender FQs a week or so ago – sitting there all folded up and pretty on the shelf…
    and I thought…. I wish I had bought more than a FQ of these… as they’d work well in this charity block….. but I don’t cut into them b/c I really want to use them all together in one quilt …

    and so since you used yours in a quilt – now I know JUST what I’m going to use mine for!!! Funny thing is, I’ve not even seen it yet! Can’t wait to get my book and get started on “Bingo Whirl” 😉

    It’s pretty cool that you sorta named it after me… 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie