Snow, Snow . . Go Away!

I know . . it’s suppose to be Rain, Rain . . Go Away!  But dang, we have a lot of snow.  I took several videos to post for my friends in Louisiana but I have a new camera and I have no idea where it put my videos.  They’re somewhere and I’ll find them but I don’t have time to do it right now.  A snow video in July or August might be nice! 🙂

These pictures were taken this morning and it has snowed non-stop since then.   I went out and shoveled a spot for Speck.  Speck went out and within 10 minutes, you couldn’t even see the spot I’d shoveled.

Isn’t it gorgeous looking out my front door?

No chickens in sight!  They’re all sitting around the heater in the coop reading their Kindles!  No!  They don’t really have Kindles but Ruby wants one!

I hope Chad is able to make it home without problems this evening.


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    Now if you could just teach the chickens how to knit socks around the heater when the weather’s bad, you’ve got it made!

    Snow’s best when viewed from the front door, isn’t it?

    Stay warm!

  2. 3

    Robin says

    From the reports- it’s going to look that way at my house in the morning also. Hope the power holds out this time – it got pretty darn cold after three days with no power and no fireplace.!

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    Your picture is beautiful. Those snowy days when you are inside and the weather is frightful out are wonderful. I remember – I lived in Michigan 42 years before moving to Arizona. Lovely to look at — miserable to drive and shovel! I hope the “girls” are safe in their home. My folks used to shovel a place for their dogs in the winter. We have green grass now – my DH just mowed and trimmed on Tuesday. I hope Chad and Vince get home safely tonight. (You can laugh at me in June, July, August and Septmeber when the temperatures are 100+ every day.)

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    It’s BEAUTIFUL Judy! Enjoy it from the warmth of your home. We are getting pelted down here and I am grinning from ear to ear, it’s just lovely to watch!

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    I was wondering how much snow you are getting up there. Ice is yucky but the snow is beautiful. Is Chad working tonight or just coming in from college. My son and daughter both called in work today and told them they couldn’t make it.

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    I have never commented before, but I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog!!! You give me such a chuckle every time that I read it, especially about your chickens! If you do buy them Kindles, make sure that you download The Story of Chicken Little for them. LOL

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    Cindy says

    I’m sure glad we didn’t get the sleet under the snow this time. Cars are zipping up and down my road, Chad should be fine.

    I made Pioneer Woman’s Rosemary rolls awhile ago. I made 8 and ate 5. I told Joe I made 6.

    Does that make me a bad person?

    I’m kind of nauseous, so that may be my punishment.

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    I’ll take your snow, Judy, sent it my way! We’re getting a smidge, but not enough to suit my cold-natured tastes! This gives me good reason (haha, as if I needed one) to hole up and have a quilty weekend!

    And to Cindy, up above, LOL on the rolls! Feel better soon! 🙂

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    Toni says

    We have 4″ with a layer of ice on top. Tonight is suppose to be freezing rain. I sure hope we don’t lose power tho we are well equiped with a generator, etc. Out your front door is beautiful.

  10. 13


    Your picture is beautiful. Glad Chad got home safely with the snowy roads. I am assuming Vince arrived safely also. All this snow? Does that mean Chad will be rabbit hunting since there will be tracks?

    It does make me homesick for a snowy day.

  11. 15

    Laura says

    I love to hear your stories of the chickens. Here in NC we have 7 inches of snow and still snowing.

  12. 16

    Denise says

    I bet Ruby is wanting to read “The Little Red Hen” or “Henny Penny” but with all that snow she probably is afraid the sky is falling. 🙂