Still Snowing

I didn’t do anything to this picture.  It’s the most gorgeous shade of blue outside.

You can see that the snow is still falling.  I measured a spot that didn’t have any drifts and we have 8″ so far.

Chad had a rough time getting home.  The trip normally takes him about an hour and it took right at 2 hours today.  And this is what I saw when he walked into the house.

A black eye, 3 stitches in his eyebrow, bent glasses!  How did he think I would NOT notice?  And, what would he have done if the medical bills had arrived before I saw him?

There’s something about January and accidents for Chad.  This was last year’s accident and you can still see one of the scars there near his left wrist from the arrow accident.  Tuesday night in karate class, Chad slipped and caught a knee in the eye.  He didn’t call me because he said he wanted to see if I would notice.  I asked him what his teacher said and Chad said he was impressed that he went and got stitches and got back before class was over.  Think he would have done that in History or Math or French?  Doubtful.


  1. 1

    Marilyn says

    Glad that Chad made it home okay…..from the bad roads at least.
    What a character he is wanting to see if you noticed. As if you
    wouldn’t look at him LOL, he is the typical male. Hope your
    other man gets home with no surprises.

  2. 2

    Cindy says

    Oh, that should have come with a WARNING! Just like last year….

    God that makes my liver hurt.

  3. 4


    Your son is certainly quite the character. Always something going on with him. At least he’s home, but I can’t say safe and sound. Your snow is beautiful and you can keep it. It’s not snowing here and I live far more north than you. And I like having no snow.

  4. 6

    pdudgeon says

    our snow is supposed to be that color too, but it hasn’t reached the ground yet! LOL.

    so glad that Chad made it home in one piece.

    there must be some connection that can be made between the stitches in his eyebrow and the stitches in your quilting, but i can’t think of it right now.

  5. 7

    Karla says

    Love the snowy picture, I have the Leon River flooding out road, fortunately I have an alternate route. Sorry about Chad and the black eye with the stitches, but glad he made it home. I too love your stories, they keep me in stitches at time and I feel as if I have known you forever 🙂

  6. 8

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Are you quite certain that Chad isn’t a hockey player in deep disguise? Stitches and returning before the game is over is definitely a hockey player’s move. And January is mid-season for hockey (starts in early October, regular season ends in early April; playoffs are strung along until June).

    And he drove with bent glasses…does he need them to drive or to read? Let’s hope he doesn’t need them to drive with… Too late for ice and such, but maybe (just maybe?) he’ll appreciate HOME this weekend.

    You’re a good mom to him. If no one has said it lately.

  7. 9

    Sandy says

    Kids! ( Young men) Don’t they realize that moms notice everything and we have eyes in the back of our heads? So glad Chad is home safely in your snowy weather. The snow is beautiful but it makes me glad I am in TX for the winter and not in IL.

  8. 11


    wowzers, you’re right January is a dangerous month for Chad – can’t that boy get hurt in December instead, since he’s already met the insurance deductible for the year… before the new year rolls over? *just kidding* I really rather he didn’t get hurt every year. 😉

    So glad he made it home safe at last. Thank goodness for cell pones so he could keep you updated on his progress… just think – about 10 years ago not many people had them and out mom’s just had to wait it out…

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  9. 12

    Evelyn says

    Boys will be boys, I guess! Insurance is a good thing! My son’s class is having ice skating lessons 2X this month – this makes a Momma worry, but what is one to do? At least Chad is out and about, busy and happy! And at least he didn’t loose a tooth – the black eye will heal! Hopefully he will get a chance to get his glasses fixed/replaced this trip home. Glad he had a safe trip home, at least! Those snowy roads can be “soapy” as my Dad likes to say. Cheers! Evelyn

  10. 13


    You’ve raised one tough guy. I think the scar will add to his macho image, but anything close to the eye is scary.
    Glad he’s okay.

  11. 14


    So glad we don’t have that much snow.I tryed making a picture while it was snowing here.My luck, couldn’t see the snow flakes.