Winter Scenes

With the snow, there are all kinds of tracks in the yard in the mornings.  It’s fun to go out and see what has been out there.  Looks like some critter was going in circles last night!

The chicken castle coop isn’t very well insulated and with the heater on, the snow melts on the roof . . and drips down . . and forms swords!

This is right where I stand to check eggs.  Do you think if this came loose and hit me on the head, would it cause serious bodily injury?

Probably not hurt at all.   I have a pretty hard head but I’m betting you already figured that out!


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    Linda says

    If I was you I’d knock those icicles down before standing there. Even if they fell and didn’t do any serious damage it would still smart. Ouch!!!

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      That purple lid with the hinges . . I just raise it up and the eggs
      are right there. No, I don’t ever go inside the coop. Vince has gone
      in a couple of times when he was needed in there but I haven’t. When
      he cleans out the coop, he just opens that side door and rakes out all
      the “stuff”. A wheel barrow sits under the door and he rakes it all
      into there. When he first built the coop, he wished he’d built it
      closer to the ground but then realized it was the perfect height for
      putting the wheel barrow under the door so he was glad it sits taller.

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    Be careful my blogger friend—remember “Christmas Story”, one of those swords could fall and break your glasses 🙂 Be careful!

  3. 4


    Hmm… do you need to add a hard hat to your hat collection?

    I can remember when we went skiing, we would grab those icicles to use in our apres-ski drinks. Ok, I had the ginger ale, but my dad had something a bit stronger!

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    Marky says

    When I was a child, I saw a huge icicle that went from the eaves to the ground and I was foolish enough to give it a tug, wanting to possess the biggest icicle ever. It broke as it fell, part hit me in the head, and I have a scar near my hairline above my forehead as a reminder that ice is dangerous (and very hard!). I bled profusely and my poor little sister kept crying, “don’t die!”

    If I were you, I wouldn’t get under those icicles. Break them off from a distance. Your head isn’t as hard as you think!

  5. 7

    Cindy says

    Ok in my family we have a rule one major accident/illness/catastrophe at a time. It looks like Chad has filled that quota for the month. Maybe you better knock some of those swords down. Besides think big picture….new book coming out next month, orders to fill, who’s gonna do it if you’re out of commission?

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    I always wonder that when I’m delivering mail. I usually hurry up and get out of there before one does fall. It looks really pretty though. What kind of critter was making the tracks out there? I bet it was a real hungry coyote. LOL!

  7. 9


    Yes! I think it would hurt! Hope your hens are doing OK in their lavander henhouse…I love it! I wish you some warm quiet quilting time during the bad weather outside.

  8. 10

    LisaS says

    Yes, it would hurt!! Don’t you watch Myth Busters? I think they did an episode where they dropped an icicle about that size into a chunk of beef and it skewered it. Knock ’em down!

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    If coyote tracks look anything like dog tracks, they won’t diverge like these do. I took my large (70 lb female, 105 lb male) dogs up to the mountains over New Year’s weekend. There was a lot of snow (we were trying “snow therapy” for their skin allergies; it worked!), so I had ample opportunity to observe their tracks.

    It was more like a single track toward the center. The front dog, whichever it was, would break a small trail, and the rear dog would follow it. There was one track where they had been. Somewhat churned snow, but definitely not distinct footprints like these.

    I’m thinking deer or something else with relatively “dainty” feet. We know that there are many deer near Judy’s house; maybe they were hoping for a handout?

  10. 12

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Oh, and about the icicles: yes, they can cut your skin. These might not drop from a very great height, but why take chances? Break them off with a broom or other “long stick.”

    The very first time I remember hearing my father swear (but he never stopped after that…) was when we lived in Cheyenne and he came outside maybe to knock icicles down, maybe to shovel snow; I’m not sure. I was playing in the snow, maybe 4 years old? Certainly no older than 5.

    And I looked up just in time to see a 12-inch or so chunk of icicles fall and hit him in the forehead. “SON OF A B****!” Well, even if it *was* the first time I’d ever heard those words, the tone of voice told me that they weren’t nice words! there was blood on his snow gloves from putting his hands to his head.

    So, while it’s nice and cold, Judy, BEFORE those icicles start thawing and falling on their own, just knock em down. You have the beautiful photo and we’ve seen it, and more people will see it as they find your PatchworkTimes. 🙂 But please look to your own safety: broom, rake, it doesn’t have to be a heavy implement–just an implement with a long wooden handle that you can aim pretty well!

    And, after you’ve attacked the chickens’ home, give them a while to settle back down….say hi and everything to Ruby and the Elusive Eight. 😉

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Perhaps a football helmet is in order to protect you from those icycles (sp?) – but it would have to match the chicken castle like a pretty purple and gold? Maybe someone from Minnesota would send you one. Those pretty icycles are dangerous – be careful!

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    Trish says

    My chickens are envious of yours. My coop is very similar, but minus the heater. I opened the door to let them out this morning (it’s snowing to beat heck here in VA today), and they all peeked out the door and looked at me like, “Are you NUTS?!?”

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    peggy says

    Your post made me wonder if all this cold has an effect on the egg laying. Does anything change the number of eggs laid once they get going?

  14. 17


    OK! The icicle is gone! I barely touched it and it broke off and fell to the ground and caused no bodily injury!

    Peggy, the chickens may have slacked off a little but some that weren’t laying are laying so I still have eggs coming out my ears. With 9 chickens laying, during the summer, I’ll probably get 8 or 9 eggs most days. Some days now I get 9, some days I get 6 or 7 or 8. The Red Stars are egg laying machines and don’t vary much. I get 6 brown eggs almost every day . . . winter or summer. The Ameraucanas . . a bit finicky. I get one or two green eggs most days. Every now and then I get 3 and some days I get none.

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      Carol says

      LOL! Instead of “OK!” you should have said “Yes MOTHER !”. When I feel my coworkers are getting a little to bossy, I tell them that and we all get a laugh and it breaks the tension.

  15. 19

    carol c says

    YES Judy, please knock them off before you get close

    it could take out an eye, or hit your wrist, and put you out

    of commission-HEAVEN FORBID