Trip to the Dairy

The dairy where I wanted to buy raw milk is about 5o miles away.  Someone is at the dairy milking the cows and selling milk every day from 6 – 8 a.m. and 6 – 8 p.m.  The original plan was to go today but then I wanted to make the cheese today so I decided to go yesterday afternoon.  The thought crossed my mind to drive to the dairy by myself but since Vince was home, I thought he might like to go too.

Vince and I are so different.  They say opposites attract . . the one thing I can say for sure is that in so many ways, we’re alike and in so many ways, we’re so different.  If I get lost . . I always get found!  I try to know where I’m going but I never seem to get anywhere without getting lost at least once.  Of all the times I’ve gone to Louisiana, even with GPS, there’s hardly ever a time I don’t make at least one wrong turn and I never seem to go the same way twice.  Something little turn here or there is always different and I see new scenery.  It doesn’t matter to me .. I get there eventually.   Heck, as many times as Elaine and I have been to Paducah, last year we were talking and I was driving and all of a sudden, I looked up and saw a bridge I had never seen before.  We were lost!  We had gone about 50 miles the wrong way.  We laughed and laughed and turned around and drove 50 miles back to where we were supposed to be and thought it was just the funniest thing!

We start out about 5 p.m. to get to the dairy by 6 p.m.  Vince said “Do you know how to get there?”  Oh yes!  I have my directions right here in my hand, along with my camera, my knitting and my cell phone.

We went south on 71.  We knew we would do that.  We take the exit my directions say to take.  My directions (which I had written, straight off the computer I thought) said turn left on M Highway but M Highway only goes right.  N Highway goes left.  You would have thought the whole world was coming to an end.  We only had to go 3.9 miles on that highway so what difference did it really make?  Go 3.9 miles and if we’re not at the right road, we went the wrong way . . turn around and go the other way.  How hard is that?

I looked at the map and I said . . We have to go left, no matter what they call the highway.  Just punch the button and if we go 3.9 miles and aren’t at the other road, we’ll turn around and come back.”  He huffs and puffs and thank goodness, left was correct.

The back roads were in terrible shape with the snow and ice (grumble, grumble) and it was getting foggy (grumble, grumble) but we made it to the dairy, got the milk and got directions that took us a couple of miles out of the way but we were on state roads except for one mile.  We made it home and you can bet when I go back to the dairy, I’ll be going alone!

Anyway, 3 gallons of fresh from the cow milk.  I drank some — the first milk I’ve had in probably 35 years.  I love it!

Oh, another little glitch in the trip .. Vince said he’d take the ice chest.  He said “do you want me to put ice in it?”  I was thinking . . why bring the cooler if you’re not going to put ice in it? but I just said “yes”.  We’re driving to the middle of nowhere, with the ice chest in the SUV and I said “did you put ice in it?” and he said “NO!  We’ll buy some ice.”  I’m thinking where on earth are you going to buy ice?” but I didn’t say anything.  Then I suggested we just scoop up some snow . . there’s plenty of that around.  And Vince said “That will be kind of cold.”  Never fear .. we’re in my vehicle and I have everything in here . . including a 2 quart pitcher that’s perfect for scooping up snow!

You’d think with the shipping problems on the ingredients and this trip to get milk, maybe cheesemaking is something I should give up before starting!  Nope, that is not in my makeup!  Today I’ll make my first batch of mozzarella.


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    peggy says

    Some things are worth the extra work to achieve the end product. If you think about it, most of the things we do, from cooking to craft, even to washing a car, could be done by someone else. I could go to the local bakery for bread or a nearby home store for a quilt. What fun would that be? I’m sure your cheese will be worth the effort.

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    Bobbie says

    O.K.–I’ve got the answer for you and the milk–Get yourself a milk cow–after all, you have chickens and most people that have chickens also have a milk cow. We had one until probably 10 years ago–think of all the thick cream you will have and that means real butter-home made ice cream-all the whipped cream you want. Hugs, Bobbie

    Don’t fret-I can milk a cow if I have too, but I gave her way too much feed to keep her eating and standing still until I got done-but all turned out just fine.

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    I’ll bet that Vince will enjoy the fresh cheese more than anyone and he’ll forget all about the foggy drive on muddy back roads!

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    We live about 45 minutes away from the Amish Cheese House in Chouteau on Highway 69. Yum!

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    Cari J. says

    Judy, My (quilting and soapmaking) friend are watching to see how this turns out. I have been trying to get her interested in cheese making. I have soapmaking supplies up the wazoo from before I moved to where I live now. Soapmaking was a hit and I would like to try the cheese making thing.
    Cari J.

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    Seven miles from me live friends who have an organic dairy farm and would happily sell me milk… but I don’t go anymore. Yawanna know why? Because no matter what I did, every couple of weeks, a gallon of milk would somehow leak in the trunk. Cooler? Still leaked. Plastic bag, THEN cooler? Still leaked. You know how lovely a trunk smells in July when you spilled milk in it in the wintertime and it froze before you could get it thoroughly cleaned out of the carpeting? Yuk.

  7. 10


    Good luck with your cheese. I hope it turns out for you, but with your disposition, even if it doesn’t, you’ll take it in stride and try again…and then laugh at it!

    PLUS, we’ll get to hear a good story!

    Thanks for being such a high point in my day, he he he.

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    Judy, I just love your attitude. Don’t sweat the little things.
    I can’t wait to see the results of this new endeavor.
    Are there some goat cheeses you adore? Then get yourself a couple of milk goats and you’re all set.

  9. 14


    So jealous about the fresh milk!

    Too funny about the Paducah trip but at least you have the excuse of a friend. I was driving last year and overshot the exit by about 2 just because I was enjoying the idea of getting to Paducah! 😀

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      quilterbee says

      I just wondering if your Amish neighbors where you buy your produce have milk cows and you could get the raw milk from them?

      • says

        Hi Quilterbee, I wouldn’t know since I’ve still got to search for that good produce. We are leaving at the end of May, anyway so I’m just going to live with the convenience until we land more permanently after the hubby retires.

        But, it’s an idea I may pursue since I’ve been thinking about fresh milk for the last several hours! hehe

      • says

        This particular dairy is inspected and approved by the powers that be in MO. The milk is Grade A and all bottled and labeled so it’s worth driving the extra 30 miles (just maybe not on a foggy, icy night).

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, I bet that cheese turns out great. We watched them making fresh mozzarella in Sorrento, Italy last summer. Then we got to try some, along with home made salami and home made red wine and fresh baked bread. What a treat! It was yummy and the highlight of the day!

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

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    I wish I were as laid back as you Judy. I haven’t had fresh cows milk in over 20 years. I remember how great it is. Can’t wait to hear you tell all about . i wouldn’t know where to start. I hope you’ll include a lot of pictures.

    Heck, I grew up with chickens and never thought of having any after I moved out of Mom’s and Dad’s. But . . . the thought of fresh eggs everyday sounds pretty good.

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    Mel Meister says

    I’ve been drinking raw milk for over a year now. It has been the only thing that has cured the terrible stomach pains I had. I had MRSA four years ago after back surgery and the antibiotics I had to take damaged my stomach and intestinal tract.

    The raw milk was just what I needed to heal the damage. It should be legal everywhere!

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    Now I want to make cheese too ! But I’ll wait until I master making socks ! I have the same cooler sitting on my porch – full of snow as well – but only because the kids were playing with it ! As cold as it is – we just stick stuff on the unheated back porch – stays colder then it would in the fridge !

    Enjoy your cheese !