Good News!

Just talked to AQS and the books are  in and being shipped to me today!  Hopefully I’ll have them by Friday! I’ll spend the weekend signing books and they should be going out on Monday or Tuesday (or Wednesday) depending on how many I can ship at once without aggravating the post office people.

There are 16 quilts, all instructions written in the one hour format as we did in Quilt for an Hour projects.  Some of my favorite recipes, as well as time saving tips are included.

If you still want to order one, you can do it here.  I’ll sign your copy and get it right out to you.

If you don’t use paypal and want to send a check instead, send me an email and I’ll send  you my address.



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    Jane says

    Mine is ordered and I can’t wait to see it!!! :oD How exciting! But you will have a sore wrist this weekend!! :o(

  2. 2

    Jane says

    I have to learn to do the smiley faces right! 😀 and 🙁 I have to forget the “nose”!! LOL

  3. 13


    oh Judy, I know I’ve already told you thru fb but just couldnt’ help telling you again how excited I am for you! COngratulations on your 2nd book!!!

    Also thanks for the encouragement you give to all of your readers about doing things they have always wanted to do …. for me that means that I’ll be contacting local newspapers to maybe do a little write up about my Crayola Quilt that I made as a part of a super quilt give away (over 30 quilts) with 100% of the funds raised going to Ronald McDonald House Charity. Wish me luck on getting it published 😉

    Again, Congrats & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. 14

    Lavina says

    Judy, I just placed my order too. Paypal couldn’t deal with my overseas address, so I included it in “special instructions for the merchant”. Hope this works for you! I’m excited to get your book. YAY!

  5. 15


    I can’t wait to see the quilts. For some reason I thought it would be a while before they came. Hopefully mine will be here when I get back from Mexico ….not to rush you or anything (that’s almost 2 weeks from now).