The Beautiful Snow

It’s so pretty!  Snow pictures could almost be a postcard . . a winder wonderland.

Until . . .

The businesses have their parking lots cleaned and all the parking lot crud gets scraped up with the snow and we have mounds and mounds of icky snow!  And, look how dirty and cruddy all those vehicles are from driving in the snow!

At Wal-Mart ..

At the grocery store  . .

Even my own driveway!  Yes, the blue trash can is in front because the sidewalk to the back has not been shoveled!   Pretend it isn’t there . . I tried to crop it out!

I’m ready to see green grass and flowers . . no piles of snow, no icicles hanging down.  And while we’re talking about snow, what time does the snow plow driver get up?  I’m not complaining that he’s coming by my house .. I just wish he didn’t wake up quite so early!  I know . . he’s kinda like Santa.  He has a lot of territory to cover and I’m real happy that he’s out there doing his job.


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    It’s a good reason to stay in and look out the back side where the chickens live. You still have the most incredible view out the front door. Lucky Lady!

  2. 3


    I sorta don’t like the icky piles of snow either….but then when there is snow I don’t have to mow……my DH is the snow mover while I’m the grass mower……so lets just keep this snow around awhile cause last year the lawn mowing just about did me in!!!!


  3. 4


    I was noticing the dirty piles today around here….but…no fear around here, because they say we will get more white stuff tonight AND on the weekend….UGH….I’m thinking I’d rather look at the dirty piles instead of some fresh white stuff.

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    Carol says

    We still have some ugly snow piles around here. And we should get more snow Friday into Saturday. The most interesting snow pile I’ve seen is in a strip mall parking lot. The snow pile is in the lane between the parking slots and it’s filled with shopping carts. It’s been that way for over a month and I guess it will stay that way until the spring thaw.

  5. 7


    I am in complete agreement with you 🙂 The dancing sparkles that glide across my back yard are a beautiful site. In contrast the mucky yucky piles of snow and trash that occupy vast expanses of parking lots and roadways is a very valid reason to wish ernastly for Spring.