The Head is Growing!

That title will probably attract some nice spam!

Just clicked on the AQS Publishing Blog and oh, what an interesting article!  🙂  OK . . maybe I’m just a bit prejudiced but I did want to share the link.

Too often the author gets all the credit but those folks at AQS are amazing!  I have a hard time going back and reading my own patterns and trying to figure out what I’m saying sometimes.  How they can take the diagrams and instructions that I send and know what I mean and what I’m trying to say and transfer my charts and diagrams to their charts and diagrams . . I don’t know how they do it.  I appreciate all their work so much.

To the couple of you AQS ladies (and gents maybe) who read this . . THANKS!!


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    Yea for you! You deserve every word of praise you get. I was happy to see the 800 number to call and get the book! I’ll be ordering mine this week-end. Hopefully it will be one of the autographed ones…

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    Terry says

    Hi Judy, you will be coming to our guild in February and I was wondering if you will be bringing some of your new book to sell. I would love to buy an autographed copy. Terry

    BTW, I signed up for your workshop. I can’t wait.

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    denise says

    Judy – have you seen the back of the AQS Paducah prize giveaway announcements – the sweepstakes mailer that goes out every year from AQS giving trips to the Paducah show, etc. There on the back among the new spring titles — Weekend Quilts is pictured. 🙂