Raspberry Pomegranate Yogurt

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Iowa Chowder – it’s a hearty, cream based soup . . perfect for this type of weather!  Before you ask . . I do not know why it’s called Iowa Chowder . . that’s just the name that was on it when I was given the recipe.

If you’re a yogurt lover, and if you already have a crockpot, it’s worth a try to make your own and see what you think.

For those who have read my blog for a while, you know we love homemade yogurt.  This morning I had a crockpot full of yogurt waiting to be spooned into containers.  This batch has a big spoonful of raspberry-pomegranate  jam in the bottom.  From one batch, I got 8  small containers and 1 large container.  One small container is left unflavored to be used as the starter for the next batch of yogurt.  The large (green lid) container is plain, unflavored and we will use it in place of sour cream for baked potatoes and other items needing sour cream.

See the empty glass?  We buy interesting jams and jellies at T. J. Maxx when we can find them.  I’m real picky about the glass I use for my Dr. Pepper.  I love the plastic glasses but I also love these little round jelly glasses.  Finding good jelly in these particular glasses always makes me so happy!

The recipe I use for homemade yogurt is here.


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    Bell says

    I have a question about making yogurt. If I don’t take the lid off the crockpot after the milk is heated to 180, how can I tell when the temperature has dropped to 115?

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      It’s fine to take the lid off to check the temp. Just don’t stir or mess with it other than taking the temp, then put the lid back on.

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    I take the lid off to check the temp. Why do you think you can’t? Leaving it alone means don’t stir it, don’t mix anything in with it but to take the lid off and stick a thermometer in there a couple of times is not going to hurt anything.

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    Yogurt is on my list of things to try. Do you have any idea of about how long it take from the time you pour the milk into the crockpot until wrap it in a towel for the night???
    It looks delicious.

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      I start mine at 3 or 4 p.m. so it can get to the point of being wrapped and sit out all night. Then in the morning I dish it all up.

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    I love the little containers you store the yogurt in. Are they a standard item available in stores or did you have to order them by mail or online?

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    Judy, have you ever tried it with low fat or skim milk? Just wondering! I spend a fortune on low fat yogurt each week.