Snow Removal

Thick, fat, wet, sloppy snow had been falling for a few hours.  We looked out and . . whoa!  The chicken run is sagging under the weight of the snow.

Ahh . . Vince to the rescue!

Swept the snow off the run ..

Swept the snow off the chicken tunnel . .

All is well but .. where are the chickens?  Sitting in the coop, in front of the heater, discussing all those chicken commercials from last night’s Superbowl.  Don’t you think my chickens should be in commercials?  They’re a heckuva lot cuter than all those chickens in the commercials last night!  Yep, that’s what Ruby thinks too!


  1. 1


    Yes, your chickens are much cuter than those in the Super Bowl. And, Vince, looks so happy out playing in the snow. Don’t you think you should knit him some nice warm mittens to wear when he plays in the snow?

  2. 2

    Evelyn says

    I didn’t see the SB commercials, but Ruby definately has beautiful feathers! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. 4


    You have a heater in your coop? LOL Judy you have the most spoiled chickens on the planet!

    We’re getting covered in wet sloppy snow too, probably about 8 inches so far. Incredible for down here!

  4. 5


    Yes, I vote for YOUR chickens!! I bet THEIR chickens could not lay green eggs, or eggs the size of a softball (slight exageration) like YOURS do! Plus, they were making the most anoying racket. Send in the audition video… I’m sure your chickens will make the next commercial.

    PS: Geaux Saints!!

  5. 6


    I was thinking how much nicer the red and gray chickens would look on those commercials than the generic white ones. They were so ordinary looking and no personality. But, your chickens wouldn’t be stressed by the requirements for all those eggs.

  6. 7

    Pam says

    And you are from the South! More power to you with the snow. I’ll keep the heat and humidity.

  7. 9

    Fran says

    Ruby’s picture is a marvelous study in color. I first thought of a sock yarn but a quilt would provide more flexibility in color choice. How is it that pictures can be magnified with pixels and all the color shades are shown?
    Can we see a quilt from you with these colors and named, “An Ode to Ruby”?? Please……

  8. 10

    Cari J. says

    Vince is a trooper & Love Ruby!
    I am curious about the camera you take pictures with. I am currently looking for a replacement. Your pictures have definition and depth. Just curious.
    Cari Jimison

  9. 11


    Your chickens should be in commercials. Hey, my friend Ruth Ann ready your blog and has something to send to you. She is not much of a commenter and wondered if I can get your snail mail address for her? If you wouldn’t mind emailing me with it that would be great.