Dog in a Pillow

Speck gets out of bed and goes straight to his crate where he gets all wrapped up in a sheet and quilt; whatever is in there, he gets himself wrapped up in it.

The other morning I was going to run a few errands and wanted to wake him up to get him to go outside.  I pulled on the sheet that was in the crate and . . no dog!

Then I saw his pillow move.

He must’ve thought he was fixing to eat because he’s licking his lips! 🙂

OK!  OK!  Not very enthusiastic about emerging from inside the pillowcase but if he has no choice, he will come out . . though taking his sweet time about it!


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    We have a small dog….mixed breed from a rescue….who does similar things…..always has to be under blankets or comforters or in a pillowcase and sometimes is so wrapped up in them that it’s hard to get himself out when he wants to get out!!! I guess little dogs are more sensitive to cold temps….but our guy does this even in the hot summer. Does Speck do that in the hot weather, too?

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    Speck’s a smart doggie. Our mini-dachshund (Daisy) is loathe to get out of her bed every cold morning – she’s too wrapped up in her blanket and pillow. It was especially hard for her to go outside this morning with three more inches of snow on top of the eight we had on Saturday. I’ll have to re-shovel her path.

    Enjoy your postings every day!

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    I’ve had two doxies who were burrowers, but Penny is not. She hates being covered up. Strange. Speck is so cute. Give him a hug from us!

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    Joyce Barham says

    I have 2 male mini doxies. They don’t like the cold too much. They wrap themselves around each other to stay warm. We had 8 inches of snow on Saturday and 6 more on Monday. So, neither of the doxies want to spend time outside.
    Happy Quilting.

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    Gwen says

    My three doxies are all burrowers! The smallest one is always covered up, even in my lap! Pillows with cases are a favorite spot. Love the pictures of Speck. Hugs!

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    What a sweet Boy! My giant yellow lab lives outdoors and even though he has a dogloo filled with warm stuffing, he loves sitting on top of the picnic table on top of snow and ice.

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    Linda says

    Can you blame him for wanting to stay in his nice warm pillowcase instead of crawling out and going outside? There’s snow out there!!! Snow here too, and wind and cold. Ugh!!!!! Where’s my pillowcase to crawl into? LOL

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    Linda says

    What a cute photo of your Speck! After he emerged from his warm bed, did he see his shadow? Will there be 6 more weeks of winter? Hope not, hope spring is around the corner! Hope Speck was able to charm a nice treat from you for his breakfast!

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    I can see his reluctance to leave his cozy pillowcase, too funny! At our house we call this speed of movement “the one millimeter crawl”. Russell, our Aussie, usually gets a little help with a push on his rump on days like this!

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    ruth anne says

    He is just the cutest thing! Just adorable. My golden retriever would not fit and her fur coat serves her fine in this cold weather.

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    Jane says

    Judy, my Zoey (dappled dachshund) is the exact same!!!! She has a blanket on her bed and in the morning she is wiggling to get out of it to go out and do her “business”!!!! She is forever under a blanket somewhere!!!! I must send a pic of her one day….her and Speck could be brother and sister I swear!

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    Suzy says

    Those dachsies sure love to burrow and they are experts are finding the coziest places! LOL! We have two dachshunds and they are always finding places where they can roll themselves up in warm stuff. When mine hear my dryer go off they know that I’ll be coming up the stairs soon with warm laundry that I dump on the bed to fold. I think THEY think that I warm it all up just for them to burrow under. I almost hate moving it to fold and put away, but they just find something else cozy to burrow under or in. 🙂