Nice & White

One morning last week I woke up as usual.  It’s always nice to wake up . . as usual! 🙂  I went out and tended the chickens.  It was so nice that all the snow had melted.  First time in over a week that I wasn’t tromping through snow.  Thank goodness for my Amish boots!  Speck likes to sleep late . . he’s a lot like I used to be!  About 9 a.m., Speck decided to rise and shine and the first thing we do is go outside.  I couldn’t believe it when I looked out.

I couldn’t believe it had happened so quickly!  It was fat, sloppy flakes and I knew the snow wasn’t going to stick but we went from no snow to the ground being covered in no time at all.  I was almost frustrated to see the snow, but then I looked out the front and saw this:

Then I was happy it’s snowing.  I never get enough of looking out at this tree.  I’m so glad that lot is low and water stands so hopefully no one will cut that tree down and build a house there.

By mid-afternoon, the snow was all gone and we had more wet, soggy ground showing.


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    We got piled on too, but it’s melting off quickly and leaving quite a mess!

    I think you’ve discovered the joy of “junk” land! Jim and I always look for property that isn’t good for farming or much else, as it’s usually very scenic and private, and that’s a perfect spot to build! LOL

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    Actually, one of the reasons I like snow so much is the fact that it covers up the dirty brown grass… the fact that when the grass is covered with snow, I don’t have to mow it!!!

    Considering you live in the city, you have some wonderful views when you look out the window!!


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    he he he…we haven’t seen the ground for weeks and weeks here…and I don’t think we’ll be seeing the ground for weeks and weeks!

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Beautiful snow photos! It looks like you live in such a beautiful area. I’ve decided that I must really be living in Maine this winter instead of Oklahoma! It has snowed so very many times here.

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    Toni says

    We are getting your snow here! Last night’s weather report said no snow for this area. Hello, snow! This is definitely the most we’ve had since moving here and close to egual all the past twelve years put together. I’m only talking about maybe ten inches so far this year.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    So, you sent us some snow too!! We had 25″ from last week, and we just got dug out from that yesterday as the snow started to fall again and now we have 8 more inches and it’s still snowing. And, there’s another storm on the horizon. We have broken all the snow records for a season. I have been shoveling snow rather than quilting. Today, I’m going to my quilting room and I’m going to work on some things.

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    Judy in Michigan says

    Judy, our mail-lady delivered your book yesterday in its pretty turquoise envelope! I was so happy – sat right down and started going through it from cover to cover and then I started at the front again and kept looking at everything. What a wonderful book!!! So well written with such great diagrams and the recipes!! Yummo. Thank you so much for giving us such wonderful quilts to duplicate. Do they give academy awards for quilting books?

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    Bobbie says

    I got my “weekend Quilts” also yesterday. Holly had went across the street to get the mail and I was stabding by the kitchen window fixing to straightned uo–look uo and I saw him coming with the mail and a LIME GREEN big envelope–I almost busted my butt getting out thr door snd grabbing it away from him–spent most of the rest of the afterrnoon looking and thinking – “which one first?” Judy, you did better than good. Hugs and thanks, Bobbie

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    Carol says

    Snow is so pretty. After driving home in the latest storm to hit the East Coast, what do I find in my mailbox but a manila envelope. I thought “What’s this? Oh, they got here in the middle of this snow storm. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I did a little jig. I fed the cats, emptied the litter box, shoveled the driveway and walk and fed the birds. And then, I sat down and started to look through two amazing quilting books. Whow! Thanks Judy!