February Quiltathon

Don’t forget this weekend is a Quiltathon weekend.  Got your meals cooked?  Got your house clean? Got your laundry done?  What are you waiting for?  🙂


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    Linda Kay says

    I received my book in the mail today!!! WOO HOO!! Now, just trying to figure out which one to start with! It is a beautiful book, thank you so much!

  2. 2


    I’m already quilting – I finished a binding on a small quilt this afternoon, now I’m working on making a backing for the current quilt in progress.

    I also made some granola to munch on, and my husband has been cooking dinner. I suppose I’ll have to do dishes somewhere… but it’s going good! 🙂

  3. 3

    Lydia says

    I’m READY! I have two tops nearly assembled, then I have four small tops I’d like to get quilted, and then I’ll go back to piecing 😉
    Oh, I have a mini foundation-pieced project that’s in strips, ready to join them, add borders, quilt and bind. I think I’ll do that on Sunday. Can’t wait — tomorrow after water aerobics I’ll have a few hours to sew, then I’ve got somewhere to be in the evening. But I’ve got all day Saturday, and all afternoon and evening Sunday! YAY!

  4. 4

    Marilyn Smith says

    Waiting for Todd to come pick up the dog. She has been here since last Monday and we have loved every minute with her. Can’t jump into the quiltathon. Tomorrow night we are going to go see John Fogerty (Creendence Clearwater) and staying in the hotel overnight. Sunday, we are hosting a neighborhood gathering for our new neighbors.

    Did re-level the Millie today. Getting her ready to add Edgeriders next week. Then I need to practice, practice etc. Have a couple of quilts ready to go. And, I need to learn to do feathers!

    Busy, busy, busy!!!

    I also need to order your book. You won’t be in CA to sign it this time!

    Huge hugs,


  5. 5


    I’m ready to Sew SEw SEW…soup in the crockpot on Saturday. The rest of the time my family is ON THEIR OWN! I will be sewing and/or quilting and watching the Olympics. YIPPPEEEEE

  6. 7

    Deb says

    Unfortunately, I have to work, but can quilt for some of it! I made a big pot of TACO SOUP out of your new book and YUM. Already had 2 bowls. I was hungry for chilly, and this is “like” chili, but not. That “secret ingredient” which I would have never thought to put in there was interesting….O.K., it was a packet of Ranch Dressing! I think that is what sold me, as you just cant go wrong with ranch dressing! (Unless of course you dont like it!) One down, many to go. and the quilts are nice too, of course!

  7. 9


    I’m going to have a quilty day on Saturday, at the very least, although with out-of-town guests it may be challenging! I think I’ll start my quiltathon today just to get some things done!

  8. 10


    I’m ready, just haven’t picked what I’m going to work on but I know it will be a UFO, got laundry going and Hubby is cooking. Will have to do the dishes later or in the morning but that is no big deal.
    So now no to sewing.
    P.S. i’m glad you go t your heater fix. It could snow here in Florida after midnight.

  9. 11


    I’m in! But not till I get home from work this evening. Then I plan on doing something quilty all weekend. I’ll post my progress on my blog.