New Resolve

Stashbusting so far this year has been so easy.  I haven’t even been tempted to get online and buy fabric.  I surely haven’t been near a quilt shop.  I feel so strong . . where fabric is concerned.   I know . . don’t be bragging yet . . February isn’t even halfway over!

But what about sock yarn . . oh, a definite weakness.  But I think I’ve crossed the threshold on that too.  When I’m asked how I’m being so strong with the fabric issue, it’s because I realized that there’s a good chance no matter how many quilts I make, I may never use all my stash.  Think of the fabric you’ve been given from someone else’s stash . . some lovely quilter who gave up quilting or passed away.  Do you love it as much as you love the fabric you bought?  Probably not.  It’s outdated or not the color or pattern you would have chosen.  Do you want that to happen to your stash?  Do you want your stash given to the guild’s charity table? Do you want it sold at a garage sale for 5¢?  (Remind me to clean that “alt” key!  It’s still sticking . . Dr. Pepper is never good for a keyboard.)  No, you don’t!  No, I don’t!  I want to use my stash.  I want to make quilts with it.  I want to use every crumb of it!  So, that line of thinking has given me the determination to use my stash and not add to it til I absolutely need to do so.

Now . . about that sock yarn.  I always wind the yarn into balls as soon as it comes in.  But lately it’s been coming in faster than normal and I haven’t taken the time to wind it.  It was piled up on the ironing table, on the computer desk, on the sewing machine . . and I dumped it all in the floor, sorted through it to find a couple I want to use soon and here’s what I saw:

52 skeins of yarn in the last couple of months!  If I make one pair of socks each month, which is about what I do, that’s over four years of sock yarn right there . . not counting what I already have . . which means I have enough sock yarn to last the rest of my life.  I don’t want it sold at a garage sale for 10¢ (darned “alt” key stuck again!).  Unless there’s yarn out there that I absolutely cannot live without, I’m laying off the sock yarn too.

Now I have to make a decision on which yarn to start next.  I’ve narrowed it down to these:

This is Bugga “Love Bug”, a special color for Valentine’s Day.  Bugga is 70% superwash merino/20% cashmere/10% nylon.  I’m really wanting to knit Bugga . . haven’t done it yet.

Also Bugga.  The color is “Northern Purple Gold Beetle”.  Love this deep purple!

This one is String Theory’s Caper Sock which is 80% superwash merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon.  The color is “Mardi Gras” which makes me really want to get these knitted so I can wear them next week!  I’ve never used this yarn either.

This one is Wollmeise 100% superwash merino.  The color is “Skandal um Rosi”.  Normally I wouldn’t knit the same yarn back to back since I just did a pair in Wollmeise but this color intrigues me.  I think it will stripe but I don’t know how well it’s doing to look in socks.

This is Fiesta’s Baby Boom.  It’s 90% extrafine superwash merino/10% nylon.  The color is chocolate strawberry ganache which was dyed for The Loopy Ewe for their valentine’s packets.  Just seeing this yarn makes me hungry for strawberries dipped in chocolate so knitting this might not be a good idea.

Which do you think I’ll choose?


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    I agree with you on the stash: no 5 or 10 cts on a charity table – so let’s USE IT! As for the sock yarn: I would go for Mardi Grass – just love the color combo of the skein!

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    Sarah B. says

    I love the Bugga “Love Bug” with it’s high cashmere percent and lovely Valentine color! I can’t knit so I am eaten up with jealousy… well, I can knit but it takes me about six months to make a wash cloth and I don’t have the patience for it. But reading about your knitting makes me want to try making socks!
    I rely on the 5 and 10 cent tables at yard sales, Church sale, etc. because money is too tight to spend on top dollar fabrics. Maybe someday but for now finding quality fabrics for low $ is what I have to do.
    I LOVE your tonal quilts and I have been in the shadows reading and watching you produce beautiful quilts without saying thanks and now it the perfect time. I adore your quilts so thanks so much for sharing your time and talent!!

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    I’d go for the Mardi Gras – the color is intriguing and it will be interesting to see how it knits – stripes or pools???

    I agree, no more fabric for the stash, no more yarn for awhile. Right now I’m knitting about 1 pair of socks a week. But, no hand quilting. I think it’s time I got back to the hand quilting. I love the handwork!

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    I’ve been expecting this post 🙂 All those nights refreshing the Loopy Ewe page. They are absolutely beautiful yarns however. I think the only thing that’s kept me from following in your footsteps is the duty/shipping charges to Canada from all those lovely shops I find online.

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    I’d have to use the Bugga “Love Bug” first, just because I love the color. I’ve also reduced my yarn shopping, I have one drawer that I keep sock yarn in, in my desk, and when it’s full there’s no more shopping until it gets cleared out a bit. But it’s nowhere near as big as your stash, it wouldn’t carry even that pile of yarns!!!

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    Definitely Mardi Gras…….. A great way to celebrate the Saints recent victory.

    I hit the threshold on sock yarn several years ago…….Still knitting and no where near the bottom of the yarn bin.

    I have already begun to work towards the goal of finishing what I have here before another adventure in buying. Except of course for the occasional necessary fabric for backing or borders and such.

    I picked up a piece to use in my current project and said “Wait, I like this fabric… If I use it I won’t have it anymore.” Then common sense reminded me that using it was the reason for purchasing it. Sometimes it is just too hard to cut into fabric.

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    If I had to choose for myself from the ones you have picked, I’d pick the Mardi Gras because I love how bright it is. If I had choose from the stash pile, I’d just close my eyes and pull one out. What a fabulous collection you have!

    Quilt, knit, what to do today?–laundry, floors, bathroom, what I have to do today!!! Knitting is going to win!

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    Barb in KS says

    I just started making socks yesterday. I am so excited. I have wanted to do socks forever but was to afraid to try. I am using the magic loop method and it works for me. (I am left handed).
    I have told my family if they sell my fabric at a garage sell I WILL come back and haunt them.
    I enjoy reading your blog everyday. You always give me a smile. Thanks

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    Judy C in NC says

    Another light bulb “Ah-Ha” moment. Why would I ever want to leave all my fabric to grow old and be outdated? This makes so much sense to use it up and get it out of stash. I may have to buy some backgrounds, but that is all – I am saying this as I get ready to go to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt festival in Hampton Roads this month. Ohwelll, I really do have good intentions. LOL

    I would do the Mardi Gras yarn first – it is delicious!!!

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    With all of the snow that you have been getting, do you ever use a scarf when you go out to visit your lovely chickens? If that yarn is wonderfully soft for the feet, can you imagine a nice comfy scarf?

    Have you tried a sweater yet?

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    Eve says

    Soooo not fair to make me drool all over my keyboard! Now MY ‘alt’ key will start sticking!! LOL!! That’s an awesome pile of yarns—what fun it will be to knit with them! As for what to start now, I vote Mardi Gras, just ‘cuz it’ll be fun and funky and make you smile! Eve

  12. 15


    I’d pick the strawberry ganache, but I think you’ll decide on the one with lime green in it. LOL! :o)

    Happy knitting!

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    Donna says

    You would love it in the store I work at! In front is a yarn store and in the back, where I work, is the quilt store. Is that not perfect?!

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    I’ve been using my stash precisely for those reasons you mentioned. No one could love my pieces as I do. I want to get my stash used up by the time they send me to a nursing home or worse. And as hard as it is, I’m trying to cut into some of the beauties I just love so much I want to ‘see’ it on my shelf occasionally, and maybe run a hand over it. I find those the most difficult to use.

  15. 18


    I like the Northern Purple Gold beetle yarn.

    I’ve found that I have the sox pox too. I’ve requested a sponsor from Yarn-aholics Anonymous but no one has contacted me yet. I’ve gone 5 days w/o buying any yarn, so there may be hope for me yet.

    You mentioned winding your yarn. Do you have a yarn winder or do you do it by hand?

  16. 19


    I vote you will use the chocolate strawberry ganache or Mardi Gras since it’s the season for V-day and more party time in New Orleans.
    I want your deep Purple stuff!!! You can stick it in the package with my BOOK, if you want. I have two garbage bags of yarn in the back of my closet, but none so ‘nice’ as yours… some of it from my DIL G-mas house. How do you get the smell of smoke out of yarn???

  17. 21


    Oh, Judy, those yarns have me wanting to finish the socks I’ve been working on forever so I can dip into some new yarn! Yummy, yummy, yummy…can’t wait to see these yarns knit up!

  18. 23

    Dianah says

    My vote is for Marti Gras. If not I am voting second for the Strawberry Ganche. I have Sharri’s Berries being delivered today or tomorrow for my girls valentine. I can’t wait to eat some. I got them a dozen so the could share with me.

  19. 24


    If you find you have too many pairs of socks, you could knit up a few pairs for me. Size 11 please. I like all the colours you have there, so any one would be okay. Thanks so much.

  20. 25

    Robin says

    Ok- at the risk of sounding silly- what makes a fabric outdated? Now I know polyester is definitely outdated but people have made qults with it. Some people like 30’s, others like reproductions, others like 60’s looking colors and patterns so what exactly is outdated?

  21. 26

    Shannon says

    I’ve not responded to the recent stash posts, but I feel compelled to write now.

    I have accumulated most of my stash as a result of retail therapy. Sure, I’ve usually told myself at the time that I’m buying the fabric for a specific project. If I’m honest with myself, I like to buy fabric for the experience. I love fabric. I like to my quilt shop and how I feel when I’m there. I do get a rush of adrenaline.

  22. 27

    Linda says

    I really like the restful space on this quilt’s border. It really allows me to enjoy the whole quilt. Good job!!

    Oh and although you didn’t ask – use the chocolate strawberry ganache now, while strawberries are not in season. That why you won’t gain the weight.

    Linda in Calif.

  23. 29


    I have a friend that as soon as she gets her fabric home, washes it and then cuts it to the size she needs for her quilt. And then puts it away with the pattern.

  24. 30

    Lydia says

    I don’t think you showed us the socks you knit up in Wollmeise, did you? I’d love to see them! I’d also love to know what you think of knitting with it, and of wearing it.

  25. 31

    Lisa says

    OMG!!!! I thought I was a yarn harlot….

    Dang! I just realized that you win!!!! You have more yarn and more fabric than I do…. BUMMER!!!!

  26. 33

    Sherry says

    I love the purple! In fact, you can send them to me when you’re done. Just email me for my snail mail addy. LOL