February Quiltathon Day 1

Not sure how much sewing time I’ll get this weekend but my main project is to get my dad’s top quilted.  I think I confused you when I showed the Big Star quilt and the chicken backing.  The chicken backing is for dad’s quilt but the Big Star isn’t dad’s quilt.  I knew what I was thinking! 🙂

Here’s dad’s top which is now loaded on the longarm.

It’s big!  Big for me anyway.  I like those 60″ x 80″ size tops.  This one is about 94″ x 110″.  The backing pretty much fills up the longarm.  I had planned to use Hobbs wool batting but it’s doubtful I’ll have a wool batt that’s large enough.  Heck, I hope I have anything that’s big enough!

Hope everyone is getting lots of sewing done.


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    I think your Dad will love this quilt. Not only is the top beautifully done, but the chicken fabric you have planned for the back side is too cute! Nice going.

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    I am up and going early for a Sayutrday. This will be the second day for me. I bumped my quilt-a-thon up a day so I could save Sunday to spend with my hubby. Hoping to get more done today than I managed to yesterday. I think your Dad will love his quilt.

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    Yeh! I new what you were thinking. Cool!

    Well I will not be getting much sewing done this weekend (have to study, write papers and more study) but am really looking forward to hearing about what others are doing this weekend. ENJOY!

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    Wow that is huge! I like to do smaller quilts too, but that is really a cool looking top, and the chickens will be perfect for the backing!

    I’m working on a “quilt for kids” project this weekend.

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    My quilting day has not had an auspicious beginning! I woke with a headache and just spilled my breakfast down my front. I sure hope it gets better! Lovely quilt!

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    I like the way you used different sized squares in the quilt for your dad. I am on my way to MA to see my daughter in a Kendo demonstration in the Japanese Winter Festival at her college. We’ll be back tomorrow night, so hopefully, Monday will be my day to sew.

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    I’m planning to get some sewing in this weekend, but, it will also be in the 50’s today, so I might sneak out for a little garden therapy!

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    Pam says

    Beautiful quilt, I love it. No sewing for me today either. Traveling to Saginaw (a 2 1/2 hour drive) to visit our pg daughter-in-love who is expecting twin boys and has to stay close to the hospital for awhile.

  9. 10


    wow, you’ve got way more done than i have! i’m just sitting down with my first cup of coffee and getting started! i’ll be piecing this morning and quilting in the afternoon if all goes well.

  10. 11

    Linda says

    I’m off to work at the library this morning & a card party tonight. MAYBE I’ll get a little sewing done tomorrow. I thought I would yesterday too, but that didn’t pan out. Have fun everyone!

  11. 12


    I’m on my way to the sewing room now. I’ve lazed around this morning watching quilting and sewing shows on a local station. Hope to accomplish something today.

  12. 15

    Lydia says

    I got about two hours’ sewing time yesterday, and should have this whole evening to sew. Today I have to tackle the piles of paper that seem to grow when I’m not looking, and tame that beast. Tomorrow I’ll have all afternoon and evening, and I’ll have all day Monday as well. I’m hoping to get a lot done — well, by my standards, though not by “Judy standards.”

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    I’m just now moving around, stayed up late watching the west coast feed of opening ceremonies–weird since Vancouver BC is directly north of me and just a few short hours away and we get taped delay. Grrr

    I have my freeze frame on the long arm too and today I plan to finish it and hopefully get another one ready to quilt. Have a fun day everyone.

  14. 17

    Deb says

    Nice quilt! Do you think he will use this one??!
    I have to work today, and I need to make a snuggie, so I will be in the seing room, but not quilting. also have to do all the laundry…ishy.

  15. 18


    We have to make a run down to the White Elephant resale shop – have electronics to donate to them. We found out that Goodwill just dumps printers, etc. into the trash. This is good stuff, but my DH upgraded our computers. I cut 14 bags for the Project for Kids yesterday and will make them this afternoon while he watches the Nascar Nationwide and the truck race after that. Your Dad’s quilt is very pretty. The flannel backing will make it so warm and snuggly.

  16. 19

    June Piper-Brandon says

    I just finished putting the binding on a quilt for my good friend. She doesn’t even know it’s coming. I used the Bright Hopes block from the Fons and Porter Quilter’s Complete Guide, made it scrappy and it’s 50 x 72. I wanted it to be big enough that she could wrap up in it while she’s recovering. The label will read, Wrapped in Love, Hugged in Hope for a Bright Future. For a special lady who always has a hug for everyone. I’ll post a picture on my facebook when I get all the pins out.

  17. 20

    pdudgeon says

    i’ve got the last two borders to sew on my January quilt top this morning, then i’ll settle down this afternoon and start hand quilting on my hexigon lap quilt. that one is an old project from about 3 years ago using 30’s reproduction fabrics.

    got the idea from another blog to quilt during the Winter Olympics, so this will give me some dedicated time to maybe get that quilt done.

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    I won’t be able to participate as much as I did in the last quiltathon. But I hope to get a little bit done around my other activities this weekend.

  19. 22


    I love large quilts — just don’t have the energy to do too many. I really like your Dad’s — the perfect balance of masculine. I have a 4-day weekend for Mardi Gras. I stayed up late last night getting ready for a lot of sewing and look forward to seeing how others are doing.

  20. 23


    I am taking a break, reading my email and blogs and then I will go back to sewing around all the details on my challenge quilt so I can do machine trapunto…this is a boring step! I think I will also sew on the final borders of my Mary Engelbright Christmas quilt so I can load it on the frame and have something less fussy to work on…

  21. 24


    LOL Judy – this is where that 14′ table of mine comes in handy. I have one quilter who is probably 5′ tall at most, and she usually brings me tops that are approximately 100″ x 100″. No matter how you load them, they are HUGE. Even with the 14′ table, I end up with very little room left on each end. I got the book yesterday. It’s wonderful! I’m thinking of making either a Bloom Where You’re Planted or a Shadow Stars for Kevin (and praying he still deserves it by the time I get it done — heck, that could be years from now, so who knows?).

  22. 25


    I’m quilting right along with you. Loaded a boy donation quilt a little while ago. Had to piece the batt, but it’s okay. This one is 45x 70″, so a little easier to handle than your Dad’s.

  23. 26


    I love your dad’s pattern- is it one of your designs? He is going to love it – I love the varied sizes of the squares.
    I will look forward to seeing your quilt finished.

  24. 28


    Nice quilt for your dad. I’ve been working on my Morning Splash for the past 4 days, been sick with a doozy of a cold. So lots of time to sew, I called in on Friday and went in for 2.5 hrs today Sat. Now I have Sunday and Monday off 🙂