Not Much Sewing

On Lime Green Kitchen:

Blueberry Pancakes – they’re fluffy and easy to make and should be fail proof!  Serve them with warm blueberry syrup or maple syrup. Better than eating out at one of those fancy pancake houses!

Just now at 4:00 p.m., I’ve come downstairs to quilt a little.  Chad has a friend home from school for the weekend (a she kind of friend and if I get a vote . . it’s a definite YES!) so I’ve been busy with other things.

Anyway, I should get to quilt a little before I stop to put some lamb, venision and pork chops on the grill.  I didn’t know if our guest would like venison or lamb so I added the pork chops.  I think she’s the kind of girl who will try anything so whatever she likes, we should have plenty of leftover for next week!

Tonight they’re going out to a friend’s house for a surprise birthday party so I’ll get a little quilting time in then.  My fingers are crossed that I can get dad’s quilt finished tonight but I think that’s dreaming!

Hope everyone is being very productive.  I’ll get a Quiltathon link box up tomorrow afternoon.


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    Helen says

    I was inspired by your quiltathon to sew today. Between one thing and another I had not managed to do what I had wanted during the week. I thought I would only get to cut some pieces in half, but I did that, made and squared the for patches. Wow it feels good!

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    Well, has she shown any interest in quilting???? And did she like the chickens??

    Venison, lamb, pork chops – sure doesn’t sound like a Mardi Gras dinner – did you make a King Cake?

    I’ve made only two blocks today and then went out to garden since it is sunny and warm. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll also get some more sewing in..


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    I am glad you like her. Now, does she like chickens, does she quilt/sew and finally can she cook as wonderfully as does Chad’s Mom?

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    Diane says

    I’ve been working on one of my 2 t-shirt graduation quilts-yea! But this evening I want to watch the Olympics-no tv in my sewing room, so I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

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    I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Why when I have a day dedicated to quilting, I cannot settle down and sew? I’m was distracted by everything, so I only completed a couple of circles for a peek-a-boo quilt. Tomorrow doesn’t look much better.

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    pdudgeon says

    I’ve been doing some/lots of non-quilty things today.

    but in between those i managed to figure out which patterns and fabric will be going together for 7 different quilts, combining (stuffing) fabric into drawers to make more space, and pinning on a quilt border.

    also dug around in some old quilting magazines, found a pattern i loved from 18 years ago, and pulled some medium blue fabric scraps out of my stash for the beginning of an Ocean Waves quilt.

    I’ve always wanted to do one of those.
    The hard part will be finding enough blue fabric!

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    Great plans to bind one quilt and load another one on the machine, but….it was sunny….and beautiful…no rain or dreary fog….I just couldn’t stay cooped up inside…… Sigh, maybe tomorrow 🙂

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Here’s to your future DIL. Hope she’s as appreciative of good cooking and hand workmanship as you are.

    I have made some progress on one of my UFO’s — old blue jean squares mixed with scraps of flannel plaids. I made them into simple half square triangle blocks and put them together in a simple design – inspired by Judy at Virtual Quilter. I’m working on making it into a rectangle instead of square as most of her virtual quilts are. Can’t wait to finish one of these UFO’s so I can count the fabric as busted. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Dar

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    Denise says

    I’ve been sewing since late morning and now it’s early morning (1:15 a.m.) 🙂 Time to quit for a while and tomorrow morning -er, later this morning – may have something to show for it – need to get the blocks laid out on the design wall so I can start stitching rows on a nephew’s graduation quilt. Course I was looking for an old EQ design on disk and after finding it, lost several hours sewing time playing around with it. And did have that very essential break to make a lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting -yum.