A Girl Visitor

Chad is 22.  He’s never brought a girl home.  He doesn’t talk to me ever about girls.  Never asks for my sage advice! 🙁

Several months ago, on his facebook page, I saw that he was “in a relationship”.  He never mentioned it though but eventually the girl, Jessi, contacted me and we began talking.  Things evolved and this weekend she came home with Chad.  They got home shortly before 4 p.m. on Friday and he had to be at work at 4.  He had to work all day Saturday and all day Sunday so I was hoping we’d all get along fine and she would be comfortable around us without Chad here.

I mentioned on facebook that she was here and my facebook buddies had all sorts of questions.  So, here’s everything we all need to know about Jessi.  First, I don’t have any indication if this is a serious relationship and I try not to ask too many questions, which is not easy for me!

Second, and most important, Speck likes her . . as in he hasn’t bit her.  He’s barked a bit but he was trying to get on her lap yesterday and if you’ve ever had a snippy dachshund, you know how hard it is to introduce strangers.

Questions my friends have asked:

1.  How does she feel about duck calls?

We were in the “Bargain Barn” in the little town east of here.  It’s a HUGE place just full of junk (a lot like my home!).  Jessi was wandering around and found the one and only duck call in the store . . it just jumped out at her so she got it for Chad.

2.  Does she cook?

There are 4 kids in her family and she’s the oldest.  I think she’s done a whole lot of cooking.  They seem to be a very close family, which makes me happy!

3.  Does she hunt?

Not sure if she hunts but she will go hunting with Chad.  She likes to fish.  She loves horses and has several of her own so she’s definitely an outdoorsy type girl.

4.  Does she quilt?

Not yet!  She did show an interest in my quilting.  She’s been reading my blog for a while so she knows a bit about what I do.  She’s 20 and was hoping to graduate this semester but is going to need one more semester.  She started college at 16!  Once she graduates, she wants to go to vet school.  So, right now, quilting is the last thing she has time for but if she sticks around here, I can see her being a quilter some day.

5.  Does she like the chickens?

YES!  And they like her.  They were happy to hear that she’s going to be a vet.  They are so worried about what they’ll do if they have health care issues!  There aren’t many vets that will treat a chicken, you know!  I haven’t heard one word in the current health care debate about chickens . . have you?  That’s a problem no one seems to be addressing!  (OK.  I know health care is a serious issue and I’m not making light of it so don’t anyone get angry about my health care for chickens discussions!)

What I think is funny is . . she likes spending time with Vince.  He doesn’t give the first impression of being real friendly and if I had been left at the home of my boyfriend’s parents, whom I had never met, when I was 20, you can bet I wouldn’t have been nearly so outgoing and I’m generally an outgoing person.  Right after she got here on Friday, Vince had to run to the chicken store and asked if she wanted to go.  Sure . . and off they went.

I’m downstairs to quilt and she told me she was going upstairs to spend some time with Vince.  Funny, huh?

I like this girl a lot and would be perfectly happy for her to be spending way more time around here but . . I’ll just keep my nose out of it . . maybe! 🙂


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    The hardest thing for me to do is keep my nose out of my kids relationships. I want to know everything! She looks like a nice young lady and she’s cute as can be. Good luck to you Momma. 😉

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    My son is also 21–almost 22. He didn’t have a first girl friend until almost 21. They have been dating for over a year now and have talked marriage. They are waiting until Craig gets out of school. And I think his girlfriend is starting LPN school this fall. So I am hoping they’ll wait until both are out of school. I really like her and she likes my quilts.

    I stay out of both of my children’s relationships but welcome them all in my home. A friend of mine said she always thought Craig would find one girlfriend and marry her. Chad may be the same way. She sounds great.

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    Some very sage advice given to me a long time ago by an older woman was, “Be nice to every girl who comes through the door because you never know which one could become your daughter-in-law”. I tried to follow that advice and it worked!

    She’s a pretty girl and anyone who is fond of animals has to have a big heart.

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    Jessi is adorable. I’m going to cross fingers and toes — that she’ll learn to quilt, of course! 🙂 🙂 It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

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    Linda says

    I had wondered about that duck call thing myself!! Looks like Chad found a keeper but us parents never know how things will turn out….we just always hope they find a good match.

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    Connie says

    Very cute girl. And you are right, not to get too involved. I don’t think the “guys” like that anyway. Good luck!

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    She cute!! And she let you take her photo for your blog!! That is the best…

    I try to keep an open mind. Rock Star has his first “serious” girl friend at 17 1/2 and I don’t really get to interact with her so much. She is a year younger and doesn’t seem silly so I guess that’s a start…LOL

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    I had wondered also. I am glad the weekend is working out well. She is a beautiful young woman. She doesn’t have to quilt, but if she has the appreciation for the completed quilt and what has gone into it, that’s fine for now. And, if Speck likes her, we know that she’s a good person. She likes animals – to want to be a vet – she’ll be fantastic.

  9. 9


    Jessi sounds like a delightful young lady. Chad certainly shows good taste!


    PS – I’d like chickens to have a health care program too. I get a bit worried to hear that their emergency room may be a cardboard box, if anything. I fully support CPR training for chicken rescuers too!

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    She’s pretty adorable Judy, sounds like a smart and very likable young lady! Wow, you could have your very own Chicken Vet in the family! Hehehe

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    It’s great when your son brings a girl home and you can actually talk to her. I don’t like the ones that don’t talk and they are the ones my boys are most interested in. So I have learned not to say anything just in case they go out with the ones that don’t talk just to spite me.

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    Judy, You show a lot more restraint than me. She sounds like a sweetheart and she’s pretty too. Spunky too, to spend the weekend when she knew Chad had to work. Good work Chad!

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    I also wanted to ask lots of questions when my kids brought home their “friends”, it is hard not to but they are all married now to wonderful people and one of my daughter in laws is learning to quilt!

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    My oldest son met his wife on Valentines Day 11 years ago. They went on their 1st Date the next day and the rest is History. How nice of her to let you take her Picture…Cute and thoughtful too, to buy him a ‘duck call’ and to go to the Chicken store with Vince…

  15. 15


    Oh my goodness! That IS going to be hard. My kids are 9 and under, so I don’t have to worry about it yet. I would think it would be SO hard!

  16. 17


    Ladies – we need to be careful – she reads this blog….

    Oh well – Jessi, you sound wonderful! An ourdoorsy, animal loving woman – great – go for that vet degree… I understand that OK State U has a good school.

    But, ya gotta learn how to quilt…it’s fun and I think Judy has enough fabric that she can give you some… it would look good on her stashbusting numbers 😉

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    Brenda J says

    She sounds wonderful! Better be careful though, you may eventually like her more than your son (just kidding!).

    I did have a mom call me once asking me to get back together with her son…. he always told me she liked me better than him…. That was quite a compliment. She did however end up with a very nice DIL– just not me!

  18. 19


    Judy, she is very pretty, intelligent, personable, and fun! How wonderful that she and Chad meet, and Chad has such great attributions too! And Speck approves! You just never know where it will end up but I say here is too hoping for the best!!!!

  19. 21


    Cute…smart…..pleasant-personality…intelligent…..what is NOT to like? She sounds like a really nice person….and us nosy blog readers are all so very glad to have “met” her!!!

  20. 22


    Be nice Mom! Someone up above said “be nice cause you don’t know which will be your DIL” that is so very true! My only requirement was that she be good to my son… as long as she did that, then I was fine.
    If she wasn’t,,, well,,, watch out!
    Beth in Dallas

  21. 23


    Always interesting to see what your boy chooses for ‘a relationship’, isn’t it? She surely is a beauty, and sounds like a practical, down-to-earth gal.

  22. 24


    What a sweetie! She looks and sounds like a wonderful girl. Chad (raised by an excellent mom) has good taste. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Judy!

  23. 25

    Donna in KS says

    My girls will sit and visit while I piece or cut or work any part of my quilting. They admire, they comment on color selections, they look at patterns, they admire, they visit with me and they truly appreciate the finished products! The girl doesn’t have to quilt, just love you and appreciate what you do, but mostly love that boy you raised. We have certainly been blessed with our sons’ choices of daughters for us to love! I can only wish such results for you too……in time! She sure sounds like a sweetheart.

  24. 26

    Cindy says

    She’s darling!

    I bet it was fun and weird to have another girl in the house, huh? Kind of evens out the hormone levels.

  25. 29

    Robbie says

    Judy, She is such a pretty girl, but then we would expect to see Chad with a pretty girl!

    My son is married now to a sweet and beautiful girl. I know Chad will someday do the same.

  26. 30


    Well…you sure raised him up with great taste. She’s a keeper. Very lovely young woman-and she likes chickens!!
    Seriously, we had some very nice young women come through here before James found Dani. Dani is extra special though and the telling thing is that she and my husband like each other. Good sign.

  27. 31


    Wow. She sure is pretty! And anyone who loves animals is probably good to humans too.

    You teach her to bake bread, and she’ll do just fine!

  28. 33


    I always did fine with girlfriends, future DIL’s are more difficult for me but I came to love Becky and am hopeful that Lindsey and I will eventually develop a good relationship too.