Stash Report – February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you’re all feeling very loved today and making sure those around you are feeling loved . . today and every day!

Nothing in this week and a whole lot out.

Used this Week:  24.25 yards
Used year to Date: 155.75 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Used for 2010:  155.75 yards

And, here’s what I worked on from my spreadsheet:

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    Betsy says

    Hey, Judy! Didn’t you have something a few months ago that involved cleaning out and organizing stashes/sewing rooms? People posted “before” pictures and the goal was to have it done by January 1 and then post “after” pictures?

    Great stash-busting!

  2. 4


    Whoa, you are the scrap busting queen! One question – what do you do with the backing leftovers? You know, the 4-6″ of overhang on each side? Just curious. Hope you and Vince enjoy Valentine’s Day!!

    • 4.1


      I cut it off and trim it down to the largest possible squares or strips I can get. If it’s fabric I’ll use in my quilts (sometimes my backing fabrics are ugly), I’ll put them in the scrap boxes. If it’s ugly fabric, it goes in a drawer and I use those squares to make dog quilts.

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    Jane says

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Judy! I owned a flowershop for several years and that ruined it for me!!! LOL I’m just thankful I don’t have to go in to work today and deal with all the men panicking at the last minute!!!! 😀

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    Denise says

    Excellent busting Judy! One measly yard was used here since I’m in the midst of working on existing projects. But at least there was no more shopping!

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    Darlene S says

    Great job Judy of using so much this week. My totals are not great — yet! I’m in the midst of piecing or starting to quilt some of my things, but won’t count the fabric as busted until they are finished. My week 7 totals:

    Used this Week: 1.25 yards (pillowcase & 2 blocks)
    Used year to Date: 19.54yards
    Added this Week: 0 yards
    Added Year to Date: 3.25 yards
    Net Used for 2010: 16.29yards

    Hope to have a better report next week. Dar