Design Wall Monday – February 15, 2010

Little four patches on my design wall.  It was from earlier this week as my design wall is an empty slate today.

Please share a link to the blog post with what’s on your design wall!


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    I am doing borders now and need your help Judy…and all my friends from Blogland too. Check out the options I have and tell me how to finish this BIG quilt. It’s my Quilt-a-thon Project too. The biggest UFO I could find.

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      Judy D, I fixed the Link. Is there a way to delete the other one?? Judy L? I’m up way early after watching Ice Skating Olympics last night… gotta turn the brain on.

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    Can’t wait to see this quilt. I’ve been working on the Morning Splash hour project. Got to the borders, kinda stuck in lazy mood, will try to work on step 11 🙂

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    Oh! I love your 4 patches. I am thinking of doing white and scrap, 4 patches to clear out some of my small yardage and/or scrap. Cannot wait to see what you are doing with your 4 patchs.

    Have a super week

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    My design wall is empty too and will stay that way as I just have 2 days to get ready for the boys and have to take Chesty for grooming tomorrow too which takes several hours!

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    Late this week, but thought I would post anyway. Those extra family holidays put a wrench in my sewing schedule:) I think I’d rather have them around most days though:) Back to the sewing machine to prep more handsewing items to do while watching the Olympics! That’s also slowing me down:)