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The Spiral Square panto that I love is by Keryn Emmerson.  She knows how much I love it.  Her twin is Mereth and she has Featherations panto that I also love.  They each have many pantos but those two are just my personal favorites.  But Keryn told me I should really use other pantos besides Spiral square.  Here’s what she wrote me about what would happen if I didn’t use other pantos!

Otherwise you’ll go down in quilt history as the amazingly prolific quilter who only used tone on tones and one panto…”The quilt we’re identifying today is thought to be a piece by Judy L during her ‘middle’  years, characterised by the tone on tone prints.  Of course the use of the Square Spiral pattern is the real clue; she was known to use nothing else for several years…..’
Isn’t that funny?


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    LOL! Love it.

    But I have a question. I will probubly be buying a Handy Quilter II to use with my JUKI 98Q. and would like recomendations for narrow Pantos that you may like?

    I canot afford a fancy quilting frame. I am using my tax refund of $900.00 to pay for the frame and at least 3 or 4 panto’s to get me started. Do you or any of your readers have any suggestions?

    Thank you


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      Keryn says

      Deb, if you go to http://www.goldenthreads.com (they are my American publishers) you can see all their pantos listed by size; you would want to stick with something under 4″. What I do recommend is one of my panto packs, with 24 designs in each one. It’s the cheapest way to build up a panto library, and be able to size them exactly the way you need them. And they are really simple for beginners. Should I pay Judy for advertising….?

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    Ava Crotinger says

    That is too funny. It’s great having friends who have a way with words. Much better than friends (?) who weigh their words. Ha Ha

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    pdudgeon says

    I’ll second Keryn’s sugestion.
    I’ve quilted using my Bernina on the frame and have squeaked by using the 4 in. pantos, but the pickings are slim at best. So i’m hoping to upgrade my quilting machine and save the Bernina for piecing.

    Judy you do such lovely quilting that it’s a crying shame not to expand your quilting, and branch out to find even more quilting pantos that you can use as staples for the guys quilts.