Fans and Cards

Off with Spiral Square.  It was difficult but I did it!

On with Baptist Fans templates from Circle Lord.

Load the card trick quilt, which is named “Winning Hand” and all done in tone on tone fabrics . . my signature, you know! 🙂

Quilt the top, take it off the machine.

Trim it.  Fold it.  Stick it in the stack to take on a trip to do binding in hotels.  Forgot to take a picture of it all trimmed but it’s trimmed now and ready for the binding.


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    YAY…..good job switching away from your “signature” panto to a different one…….although my early morning sense of humor had to laugh at the combination of the word BAPTIST with a quilt pattern named CARD TRICK since I know some of that religious persuasion who are very against cards!!! LOL

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    The quilt is gorgeous, I really like that pattern! Judy, I ordered some of those same boards from Circle Lord. I see you’ve taped yours down. Do you not use rubber shelf liner under them to keep them from slipping? I’m just curious if the tape works better.

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    Kris S says

    I read your blog everyday. Since I am not a long arm quilter, I found this entry really interesting. Maybe one day you will talk a little more about the long arm process — how long does it take to load, what is the process? How long does it take to quilt the top? what are some of the steps in that part of the process? How long does it take to remove the quilt? what is your favorite part? How do you choose the quilting design? Those are the kinds of things I would be interested in hearing more about if you would like to share that. You make it look so easy.

    Thanks for an interesting and fun blog.

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    Keryn says

    Well done Judy, we knew you could do it. The Card Trick is great, love that alternate block and the pieced border.

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    laceflower says

    Your quilts are always exceptional but I really love this one; maybe it is because it’s blue and card trick is one of my fav. blocks. As Kris said, talk a bit about the long arm process; I just might want one when I retire. *G* I’d like to know more about the pantos; can you design one in EQ?

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    Oooough LOVE the name “Winning Hand”!!! and indeed it is! This quilt is beautiful Judy – Love that alternating setting block with the dark/med colors – looks sorta like a split decision to me 😉 LOL and that border – is FANTASTIC!!! like your tonal fabrics, your borders are your signature too ya know! 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Love your quilt Judy! I love visiting your blog~ you are very inspirational! Is the Baptist Fan a panto or or those grooved boards? Do you find it easier to use grooved boards or paper panto’s?

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    I love the setting on this! I spend a lot of time resizing blocks to make my designs symmetrical and it’s inspiring to see you breaking that “rule” that I’ve stuck on myself.

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    Deb says

    Man, you did it AGAIN? I LOVE that quilt! You could just make book after book, after book, and I would be in line to buy them! Love the card trick block, love the colors, and yet again-THE BORDERS.
    You have got a great talent. You are an artist, just like any painter. They are all fabulous!
    I have a short arm, and dream of a long arm (no where to put one…) and I would be curious to know if the things you do are much different for a long arm, as far as loading or doing a panto. I hope that I atleast have a leg up, if I ever GET a long arm (or a new house to put it in!)

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    Gorgeous! I just love the fan quilting on this one. I bought clamshells — probably my last giant template but I just love the look of BF and Clamshells on quilts.

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    Darlene S says

    Now that is a quilt that I think Vince would like. It’s not quite the colors he mentioned, but it does look more manly than feminine. I know my man would like it. Love the borders and your unique alternate block. Well done. Dar

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    Wow! That quilt looks great. Tone on tones rule at your house. I have a quilt done with the spiral square and I never knew it was a difficult thing to do. The lady who does my quilting never says anything.

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    How do you like the king templates (pattern boards) from Circle Lord?? DH suprised me with two sets for Christmas – the Square Dance and Sakura. I haven’t tried them yet.
    The Square Dance looks a lot like the spiral square in your pic. I’m thinking it will be great for “male” quilts.