Who Wants Him?

Vince .. he’s up for grabs?  Anyone?  That’s what I thought! 🙂  OK.  I’ll keep him.

He sent me this email.  He knows exactly what he wants for his new quilt!

Hello Dear,
So that you don’t forget.  These are the colors I want in my new throw quilt.
Thank you very much

We  have this ongoing battle about vehicles.  I love my 9 year old Honda CRV but dang, it’s not the best highway vehicle.  I have several long trips coming up.  We have an almost 3 year old Toyota Highlander in the garage.  We never use it!  It has about 5,000 miles on it.  It’s a great highway vehicle.  Maybe I can take that on my trips! NO!

I said . . fine!  I’ll just get myself a new Toyota Sienna van.  Remember when I had an accident in the CRV and they gave me a Sienna to drive to Louisiana?  I loved it!!  I cannot see the point in buying a new car when we have an almost new vehicle sitting in the garage but . . I don’t call too many shots around here.

So, I went to the Toyota website and “built” myself the perfect Sienna and sent Vince an email:

Hello Dear,
I just sent you the link to what I would like . . tomorrow!
Thank you very much

And, he sends his response:


Think that means yes?  I think definitely not!  When I was on the Toyota website, there’s a box where you can put your phone number and have the dealer contact you.  I was so tempted but . . I’m also smart enough to know that wouldn’t be a good idea . . not yet anyway! 🙂

I do not want a new van!  I want my Honda for running around locally but I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to drive the Highlander on long trips!  It’s a vehicle!  Nothing more . . nothing less.  I really could push the issue and drive it on my trips but my luck, someone would back into it or worse, I’d hit a tree or something (I have done that once!) and I’d never hear the end of that.

OK . . I feel better . . back to quilting! 🙂


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    Judy, I sit here giggling over Vince’s email. “Hello Dear”… sounds just like the emails I get from my hubby!

    You don’t say WHY you can’t use the Highlander, what’s the deal?

    We have a little Matrix that gets killer gas mileage, but I hate driving it on the highway, it’s so small and light it gets tossed around a bit. I’d rather drive our big ole’ honkin F450 dually, but it only gets like 10mpg, LOL

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    Well, at least there is a nice LIME green in those colors! When my son told me what he wanted, all he said was ORANGE. I’m an orange fan NOW, but back then….YUCK! Good luck with the vehicles…let me know when you figure out how to get to drive the Highlander. I have a whole family who know JUST what I need to drive. (WHEN do I get to pick what I want? ….answer: NEVER!)

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    Linda says

    Since he chose a color scheme that includes a sort of lime green there is hope for Vince yet.

    I don’t get why you can’t drive the Highlander for your trips. It’s there and wouldn’t it be a safer choice than the 9 yr. old CRV? Heck, if one’s too old and the other is just a door stop in the garage you might as well trade both of them in on that new Sienna!! Problem solved. LOL

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    I’m so glad my DH doesn’t do emai, I finally taught him today how to see a text message that is sent to him, I know he would never get sending a text so I’m not even going to go there.

    …..I think you need to take Vince to a quilt shop (just don’t let him look at the prices of the fabric) and let him pick out the colors for his quilt….or let him go shopping in your stash for the exact colors and maybe let him play in EQ to design it……..after all he is an engineer so designing might be right up his alley.

    About the vehicle…..that car in the garage needs miles on it…..if you don’t put many on, the cost per mile at trade in time in horrible….after all its a three year old vehicle, so I would take it on the all the trips you want. Anyway isn’t that why we have insurance, to fix it when there is an accident…..just my thoughts.

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    At least the guy has a good sense of color. I also have been noticing/liking the graphics being used at the Olympics. I wonder if we’ll see a fabric line inspired by them?

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    Rebecca says

    That video is a very cool insight into design! I think it would apply beautifully to designing a quilt! Especially since I recently tried to make a color palette to evoke that very part of the country (well, OUR country).

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy i would have that Highlander checked out before driving it.
    some of those toyota models are having some rather severe safety problems now.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Judy, I love my Sienna, it is a Limited. Has everything possible on it. It rides like a Caddy……….This is my second Sienna. So far no recall problems. It holds a lot of fabric 🙂

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    Loretta says

    I love my Sienna. It is 10 years old and has over 115,000 miles on it. I have had it in the shop twice, and it gets me everywhere I need to go, including 2 trips to Paducah. I agree with Shari–smooth, smooth ride. I believe vehicles are to be used–wouldn’t have one just aging and depreciating in the garage.

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    Before taking the highlander, you might want to have it serviced especially if it has been sitting for 3 years! You know, check the belts (dry rot), brakes (rust), oil change and so on. (Married to a Nissan mechanic and we drove Toyotas for years-in fact is the preferred vehicle for our household).
    My Hubby would choose the 3 year old vehicle over the 9 yr. old one for reliability reasons.
    I love that your hubby is picking colors for his quilt, my hubby is just happy that I made him one!

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    Tell him that he can have that color pallette….. On your new car!!! Thanks for that great video I’ve been admiring the graphics and colors this whole week.

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    after our tire blow out on the way back home from KY after Christmas… we had nearly $3,000 of damages to the rear quarter panel and bumper and our van had to be in the shop for 2 full weeks…. Enterprise, who David does a lot of business with let us have an upgrade at no additional charge to us – and I got to drive a Toyota Sienna van for two weeks. La,La,LOVED it! Drove like a dream!!! Could turn on a dime – not to mention the driver & front passenger seats were so comfy and the front area so roomy – and oh the compartments, Nora loved all the compartments! 😉

    LOL – their commercial just came on while I typed this – have you seen the one where the husband calls it his “swagger waggon” LOL 😛

    My Dodge will be paid off this summer….and I’ll continue to drive it for another 3 years or little more… but when it is finally time to trade, I know EXACTLY what I’ll be shopping for! 😉 Love that Toyota Sienna van!!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Sandra (Sandy Gail) says

    Recently there was a story about a lady who was given a new car but she just let it sit in the garage and never drove it. Upon her death the car was auctioned for big, big bucks. By then it was a classic antique in pristine condition. Maybe that is what Vince is saving the Highlander for.

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    You could give us Vince’s email and then we could bombard him with our opinions on the vehicle. I bet he would cave in a minute. Not!

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    Arlyn Parker says

    I have an 09 Highlander-I love it! (It’s not one of the recalled models.) This is probably the best time ever to buy a Toyota-I’m sure there are some great deals available.

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    You could play the “would you rather” game…”would you rather I take the vehicle we have or buy a new Sienna”?!?! I drive a Sienna and love it!