I Could Live to Regret This

After Vince sent me a link to the colors he wants his new quilt, I suggested he come down to the stash and together we’d choose the fabrics.

If this quilt turns out beautiful, which I think it will, Vince is going to think he’s an awesome fabric picker and he’s going to be wanting to give advice!  I may regret letting him touch my fabric!

He did make some good choices with little input from me.  He chose a couple of fabrics that made me grimace and he put those back.  What do you think about his choices?


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    Linda says

    I like his choices. There’s a good lime green in there and I’m always a sucker for aqua. What pattern are you using?

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    Dianah says

    He did a GREAT job! I can’t wait to see his new quilt. You will regret him going through your stash. Even after 9 years I regret letting my husband touching my sewing machine and fabric.

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    I’m impressed that he even went into your sewing room…mine stays at the door and winces if I invite him in to show him something. He did do a good job of picking out a binding fabric for me last week though.

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    Katie says

    I love that your hubby wants to help. Mine acts like I’m trying to poison him every time I get too close to him with quilty stuff. It’s good to know some husbands LIKE to participate. I like his color choices, but didn’t he have some help from the Olympic committee, if I remember an earlier post?

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    Bravo Vince!! What a brave man you are to venture in…and then to exhibit such talent at choosing such a wonderful range of colors….He’s a keeper Judy…now the important question…what pattern are you using?
    Can’t wait to see the outcome of your teamwork.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. 9


    He did a great job picking fabric. The last time Lem was in my studio he pointed out that it needed dusting. As if I dusted anything there more than once a year.

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    Once you let them in the sewing room they start to like it. Pretty soon he will be cutting out fabric and quilting. How do I know? Wellllll. . . But I must admit, your cute guy chose some really great colors! Way to go Vince!

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    One of my fondest memories is that of my Dad helping me arrange blocks on the design wall during the last year of his life. I was surprised when he was interested … and he really had a great eye.

    As for Vince … Inviting him into your stash could be a bit like inviting a Vampire into your home 😉 Let’s hope you become wonderful, occasional collaborators and don’t come to a bad end 😉

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    You are going to regret this! When my dad retired, he told my mom he thought he’d take up quilting so they could spend more time together! That was her escape.

  10. 15


    The only one I’m questioning (which will probably end up being the best) is the blue (7th in from left)….looks kind of “flat” to me with the other things he picked. Of course, it will probably end up being the best (which shows how much I know)…..LOL

    I do think you will regret this, though, as he will now be telling you when your choices are not right and how HIS ideas will be better.

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    Eve says

    Great choices! Can’t wait to see what you do with them! Every now and then, Don would help/give me advice. Sometimes they’d work, sometimes not. But he would not ever try to take over my quilty world. He just visits it every now and then. LOL! And he’s my biggest fan, too! Bet Vince is yours, too, even if he’s not as vocal about it as Don can be. Eve

  12. 20


    Yup Judy, you are definitely going to regret this. My DH comes from a sewing family and knows his way around a sewing machine.

    Once we started dating (for an entire 4 months) he started going to quilt shops & shows with me. He likes to be involved in things so he started being a “sounding board” for me.

    Hmmmm. . . .now he has a stash that is growing quicker than I am going to ever be able to use mine up. And he thinks that he “knows it all” when it comes to doing things.

    Most of the time he has good ideas, but he tries to use the entire “kitchen sink” instead of using a little restraint. . . it makes for interesting conversations though.

    Good luck. . . . but you may want to make a secondary quilting studio in the Highlander that doesn’t run so you can have some private space. LOL

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    Keryn says

    My Mum gave me ‘the talk’ about nice girls not letting a guy touch certain places. I figure one of them has to be my stash…..

  14. 22


    He did good….can’t wait to see the finished quilt…..and I agree he’s probably going to keep ‘helping’ with fabric selection from now on, but it’s a small price to pay to have him interested in what you’re making right?


  15. 23


    If he’s going to help make him do every step you hate just don’t let him touch your machine. I asked my hubby to help me fix my machine and the next day I came home and he had the instruction book to learn how to mend his pants.

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    Karleen Taylor says

    Woohoo, love it! My engineering husband would analyze each piece and it would be perfect in the end. There would be a “reason” for each fabric choice. I went to a “bring your own” scrappy quilting class with similar blue and green choices and no one oohed and ahhed over my fabric like they did some of the other ladies’. It really turned out to be an eye catching quilt though…so Yay for Vince!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Oooooo, great choices! I’m seeing cool water…sunshine on grass and lazy days with those colors. Yum. Vince did a great job. He will be like the Cheshire cat…he did it all you know! Anxious to see what great pattern you use because you are so creative!

  18. 26


    I love the colours Vince chose and I really love their origins. My sister has the torch running jacket and it’s white with the blue and green on it. Other than the usual patriotic colours, I thought these are a real change for the olympics. I never thought of making a quilt in them but I’m now viewing his colour choices in a whole new light. Hmm…. the possibilities.

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    Sharon says

    I think Vince has a good eye for color. So does my husband. I often ask for his advice on color, and sometimes on designs, too. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  20. 30

    BeckyAZ says

    Are you going to let him pick the pattern and size too? Then he will have absolutely no reason to say he doesn’t like his quilt.

  21. 33


    I love the picture of him grabbing for one piece and you can see the whole pile coming to the floor. That’s the reason I don’t let my husband into the sewing room. Like a bull in a china shop. But he sure does look proud of himself.

    • 33.1


      I thought the picture would show a pile of Judy’s stash all over the floor too. Just by the way he’s grabbing. I think it’s good to keep them an arms length away from the stacks. When I re-folded my stash and showed him how I put fabric in and out with rulers, he was impressed. So glad he didn’t say anything about the amount of $$$ represented there… very smart man!
      I am anxious to see what pattern you use also. Hope it’s on Design Wall Monday some day soon.

  22. 34


    He kinda picked fabrics that blended well with his shirt. Hey, you have a real challenge! Nothing ‘easy’ like what you are comfy with. This will be fur for us all to see what you come up with. 8-))

  23. 35


    I don’t think you’ll regret it at all! It’s wonderful when a couple can share a hobby, encourage him! Heck if it weren’t for MY hubby, I ‘d never have started quilting!

    I like his color choices, I think he may be a natural!

  24. 37


    WAY TO GO VINCE!!!! I would have let him pick all the fabrics himself, though I would have had to bite my tongue, but would love to have seen how his choices only would have turned out. You may have been pleasantly surprised 😉

  25. 39

    Darlene S says

    I say give Vince an A+ for his choice in colors. I do think he’s been watching a lot of the Olympics and they influenced him. Now on to the pattern. Are you going to ask for his choice there too? Should be fun making this one, if he will give you enough time to do it. Now that he is involved, if he’s like mine, he will bug you every day to see when it will be done.! 🙂 Dar

  26. 40


    Didn’t you just make a quilt for Vince? Or was it too short? Did I mention my memory is going?

    We were talking about quilts at lunch today (yes, Chris, Adam, Keith and me) and Adam’s wedding quilt come up. Chris complained he hadn’t gotten a quilt in a while and Keith chimed in that the quilt I promised him this past fall hasn’t even been started yet.

  27. 41


    Mmm… I love that palette! It’s a good thing he could just choose from your stash. Imagine what might have happened if you had to take him shopping! (Or, after his red-white-blue sock choice, imagine what he would have picked online!)

  28. 43


    My book came yesterday. Thanks soooo much for autographing the book to me. WHOOOHOOOO!
    A couple of questions from me to you….
    How do you get to the fabric that is lower than your cutting table? Is there access from the back? I have two of those shelving systems against a wall. I have bolts of fabric on them. Sigh….I was always so afraid of running out. Now that I LOVE scrappy quilts I do not need bolts!!!!
    second question….I watched your binding video. Great job. What kind of pins do you use? g yet fine.