Not Really Funny but . .

It’s after 1 a.m. and I just went out to check the mileage on the Highlander just because I wanted to know and it won’t even start! Battery is completely dead.  I know it hasn’t been started since before Thanksgiving!  Maybe when Mr.I’mNeverDriving theHighlander hears that bit of news, he’ll decide to at least crank it every now and then!

Guess we know which vehicle I’m NOT taking on my trip!


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    Glad I’m not the only Night owl up late tonight. I’m quilting, not out starting a car. It’s in a secure garage so you are safe out there in the dark. Maybe he’ll want to go car shopping next…

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    Carol says

    LOL. Since no one drives the Highlander, why don’t you trade it in for a new Sienna? That way you can keep your CRV for around town and take the Sienna on trips. Now, it’s off to work!

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    If you’re in the market for a Toyota Sienna, now is the perfect time to buy. With all the bad publicity they are experiencing, I’m sure there are great bargains to be had. The dealer might even throw in some fabric to sweeten the deal.

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    LOL that IS funny Judy :). I’d sell your your CRV and drive the Highlander. Since Vince likes a bargain, pitch it as saving on insurance and taxes by eliminating one of the vehicles.

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    Sounds like my grandma saving stuff for good. When died she was over 90 with a bunch of clothing never worn because she was saving it for “good”. Vince may be saving the Highlander for “good”

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    Judy, I received my book today and it is so beautiful. You amaze me with the amount of quilting and cooking you get done. Thanks for all the inspiration and good luck on war of the cars! Sandra