The Yarn I Chose

Remember when I was trying to decide which yarn to use next?  It was going to be one of these.  They’re all described on the linked blog post.

My decision was to use the purple, green and pink Mardi Gras yarn.  But, being the nice girl that I am, I showed Vince the 5 balls of yarn and asked him which one I should use.  It makes my man feel good to help make decisions on things like sock yarn and quilt fabric! 🙂 Not really but Vince never fails to entertain me with his choices.  He chose the one that has the sock started in the above picture.  I asked him why he chose that one and here’s the conversation:

Me:  Vince, pick one of these 5 yarns for my next socks.
Vince:  That one (pointing to the one that has the sock started).
Me:  Why that one?
Vince:  Because it’s patriotic.
Me:  Patriotic?
Vince:  Yes, red, white and blue.  Can have the socks when you’re done?
Me:  Why don’t you let me knit the socks and then you decide if you want them?
Folks, that yarn is pink, magenta and black.  The lighting is excellent in our living room.   How he thought this yarn was red, white and blue is beyond me and no, my man is not wearing pink socks!

Here’s what sock #1 looks like knitted.

No red.  No white.  No blue.  Figure that one out for me, will you?


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    LOL…I LOVE it. I often ask my hubby for imput…sometimes I’m glad I did and then there are times I want to scratch my head and ask myself,

    “WHY, oh WHY? Mimi, WHY do you ask!!”

    Lol…have a great day!

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    Are you a thrower or a picker? You knit so fast! It takes me at least two weeks to knit a pair of socks and that’s on size 3 needles! (I’m a thrower…)

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    Giggle! Cute sock! My boyfriend has this black & hto pink monstrosity of a winter hat…he loves it. I’ve knit him 3 very nice, hand dyed wonders that thank goodness he loves too but he won’t part with the ugly one. We have an agreement, he doesn’t wear it in public with me and I’ll keep making him new stuff 😀

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    What ever colors they are, they are pretty!

    Would you please post the link (again) to the sock pattern that you like so much?

    I’ve given up knitting. Knitting is so much slower than crochet and I just don’t have the patience. BUT I WILL learn to knit socks, one way or another.

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    OH and BTW, how about showing us a photo of your sock drawer??? I can only imagine the lovliness in there with all of your hand-knit socks 🙂

  6. 9

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    A lot of men are color blind or does he have cateracts. Color is seen differently with cateracts. I love the socks.

  7. 11

    denise says

    ROFLOL – perhaps that’s why he keeps wanting a different colored quilt – he’s not seeing the colors you do.! I do like the colors in that sock tho. I get to spend tonight winding a bunch into balls so I can pick my next choice since I finished off my current pair. I guess I’ll just have to choose on my own without anyone’s help. 🙂

  8. 12

    Judy C in NC says

    Men say the “darndest things” – love the socks. Are you using circular needles? Socks are still on my list of things to do, I just have not found the book “Classic Socks for the Family” by Yankee Knitter yet.

  9. 14

    Angie says

    The sock yarn, and your socks are pretty! I love all your yarns, and I am so tempted to take up knitting socks. But, so far I have resisted as I know where that would lead me to. Another stash of Fiber, on not fabric.
    On a more serious note, has Vince been checked for Cataracts.
    After my Dad had his Cataracts removed from his eyes he asked us why his car was now Blue. He had thought it was Green for years.

  10. 15

    Judy in Michigan says

    If you did make the socks for Vince, how would you change the pattern so they would fit him?

    It’s funny that he picked the colors for his quilt with no problem yet didn’t see the true colors of the socks.

    Love it.

  11. 16

    Linda says

    It’ sweet that you’re including Vince in your hobbies….even if his choice of yarn colors is a little off. Can you talk him into knitting his own socks? Just think, when you’re both old & gray you can be sitting side by side in your rocking chairs, just knitting away!!! 😀 Ahhhhhh, just slap me upside the head for my strange imagination!!

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    Keith came home from work today and had on a pinkish shirt so I think Vince can wear pink socks although really I’m still trying to figure out where the darn shirt came from because I don’t think I’d ever seen it before.

  13. 19


    There is a guy in my office who wears pink (as in cotton candy hot pink) socks & he ROCKS! (Very dapper & put together.)

    Hand dyed/hand knit socks may take a seriously macho man to pull off the look – no matter the colors!

  14. 20


    It’s white, like college boy laundry white. You know, everything goes in one load, including the red shirt and the white socks? No clue about the blue, though.