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Several years ago I did a series about researching, buying and owning a longarm.  I’ve been asked recently some questions that I think are answered in these posts so I’m listing them here for anyone who might want to go back and read them.  And, since I am an APQS dealer, if you have any questions regarding their machines, or would like to talk to me about a new or used APQS machine, I’m here for you! 🙂

Longarm – Is it for You?

Longarming as a Business

Longarm – The Machine is Here

Longarm – How to Get Customers

Longarm – Keeping the Customers

Longarming – So, You’re the Customer

Hope this answers some of the questions you may have and I hope there’s some encouragement there for anyone wanting a longarm.  There’s a lot of reading there but if you’ve dreamed of a longarm, whether for your own use or to start a home based business, you might find it helpful.


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    Thanks so much for linked all the posts about longarm here.
    They are very helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience as a longarm quilting. Hugs – Ivani

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    Kate says


    Really appreciated the information in this post. I’ve just purchased a Bernina with a stitch regulator mainly so I can see if I like quilting my own smaller projects before I make such a large investment in a long arm.

    I do have a question for you. I’ve been using a the same LQA for my quilting for several years and for the most part have been happy with her work. In the past she’s been very accomdating with working quilts in if you needed them before her typical 3 month lead time (I’ve only done that once for an acution quilt). But she had some changes in her life and it’s affected her ability to get work done. She has 3 of my quilts, 2 since September which were supposed to be done before Christmas (one was a gift) and one that she got in December that was supposed to be done in January (also a gift, which she said since it was small she could fit it in). On the two quilts which were due by Christmas, I did send her a note the week before Christmas saying that I wouln’t have time to bind them at this point, so she could do those after Christmas. I knew she’d taken on more than she could do and one of the quilts I really didn’t want her to rush through. On the quilt I wanted in January, I asked her to move that one into the slot for one of the ones I had wanted in December and move one of the earlier submission to a later slot in her schedule. It’s now the 3rd week in February and I don’t have any of these quilts back. When I checked in mid January she said by the end of January. When I checked last weekend, she said that she had other quilts in front of mine, but that she would try to get to mine this week. But as of yesterday, she had not called to tell me any of the 3 were completed. I’m a bit perplexed, if I dropped quilts off in September for a promised December finish, shouldn’t they have been at the front of the line after December? It appears when I said I didn’t need them for Christmas, they got moved to the back of the list. I’d like to ask for my quilts back since she doesn’t appear to be able to get to them. Can I do that? I’ve never heard of anyone else doing that. I don’t plan on using her in the future at this point. I apolize for the long winded question, I’m more put out about this than I realized. Any comment/advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Kate

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    Your timing is absolutely impeccable! JUST last night, I was browsing the web, entertaining the idea of purchasing a midarm machine (key word: entertaining). Then….lovely hubby just so happened to look over my shoulder and made the dangnest comment “Give Karen (local LA owner) a call to see if you can try hers out to see if you’re really interested and would enjoy it.”…. and when he saw “reasonable” costs of midarm packages out there (machine and frame), he didn’t say “no.”
    These posts have been very informational! Thank you!

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    Perfect timing for me as well Judy, since my Millennium showed up yesterday! I appreciate as always, your generosity in sharing your experience and knowledge with the rest of us.

    I want to be just like you when I grow up! 🙂

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    Great posts to review, Judy. I think all of the business license requirements seem kind of scary. Where is the best place to go to see what our town requires?

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    carol c says

    yesterday I was gifted with a brand new Gracie 2 quilt frame

    totally in wood from crib to california queen. Not only do I

    not have room for the largest, I barely ahd room for the crib/lap size

    but cheerfully squeezed it into the building I live in, and the

    rest of the place is in total chaos, chaos I thought i had just

    tamed 2 motnhs ago! now to save for a machine for it? I was surprised and shocked to see this , OVERWHELMED!!!
    now reading Judys posts, I am wondering why I am even looking at baby chicks this morning, I saw the A hens she has and told DH oh no we dont want those mean peckers-lol
    they hurt humans. lol, and the road island reds looked a lot
    sweeter, but dont all baby animals? now what to do about
    affording a machine for this surprise? my cats are wondering
    as well!