Messy Quilter!

You wonder how I make so many quilts?  I don’t clean up after myself!  Never have .. probably never will.  Things just keep piling up and piling up and then I can’t take it any more and something has to be done. I reached that point when I looked at my cutting table.

Ideally, I cut right in the center of the table and the fabric hangs off the right hand edge.  But, as “stuff” keeps piling up, I move farther and farther over and soon, I’m cutting on 3″ of the table.  I really should get a little credit though because I do have a can of Pledge sitting there .. even though it’s been sitting there for 2 months!

All the strips were cut into squares.

All the squares go into their respective boxes.

Everything is put away and I have my space back nice and clean.  And, a Dr. Pepper for my effort! 🙂


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    I hope you put that can of Pledge in it’s proper place – out of sight! lol! I reached that point with my sewing room this morning. I had to take a couple of ours and get a few of the piles under control.

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    Michelle Cyr says

    AND WHERE did the Pledge go??? I gave you points for that….I certainly can count on you for a good chuckle! That’s why I come back!
    Now that you have ‘shared’ that you have precut squares and such, maybe you could do a cool pattern for us to use up some of our precuts….mine tend to ‘moulder’ around a very LONG time before getting used, and frankly they tell their age. Let’s make those girls shine! please!

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      Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

      there are “several” cool patterns in a quilt book I received in the mail just the other day! 🙂 I hope you’ve received it, too!

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    Must be “clean-up-the-sewing-room” day. I have been working on that, too, but am about to quit and it is NOT done (but it is way better than it was before I started!!!)

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    Michelle Cyr says

    Oh, as a PS, I too get squeezed off my work surfaces…I’ve been ‘thinking’ about clearing these spaces off….still thinking….maybe soon….so I can have a Judy room….

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    A messy cutting table always deters me from heading into my sewing room, so I try to clean up after each cutting session…not that that happens all the time, though! My fabric always hangs off the left side. Hmm, I must cut backwards from you! However, I’m with ya on the Dr. Pepper but I drink diet.

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    Now you can come to my house. lol….but can I be stupid and ask what the purpose of the pledge is???? I’ve never used it on my cutting board.

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    Gail Fearon says

    I solved that problem by getting another cutting table with cutting board , rulers and cutter…funny thing, that one gets filled up too.

    There is no such thing as a “messy” quilter…or you could consider yourself the same as a “messy” cook they are always turning out the best food.

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    Yup, cleaning day it is……except I had to find the desk in my office….two hours later every bill for the month is paid and I can actually see the desk……Now on to the sewing area!!!!

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    Julie H. says

    I tend to run myself off the cutting board too but I usually pile stuff on the back edge. Creative minds need just a little clutter to function properly. I’m glad the reward at the end (DP) is universal.

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, i don’t have enough cutting space (3×3) to let it get cluttered.
    but i did take the morning go thru my project boxes today and make sure that i had the patterns and the right amount of fabric in each one.

    i also found a couple of patterns to use for the scraps when i get down to them, so i printed those off and filed them away.

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    Ha! I cleaned my table today too. It didn’t look quite like yours, but bad enough. Now it’s clean for Sunday and a new week of stashbusting!

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    Denise says

    Oh a clean table – you mean they’re supposed to look that way?? I was contemplating my mess just today and took a photo of where I “believe” my table is… but chickened out on actually posting it today for all the world to see. Maybe once I have a clean table to show for my efforts. 🙂 It’s not a mess – it’s artistic inspiration!

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    After being gone from my sewing room for 6 1/2 months and sewing in an RV, I longed for my sewing room where I could just leave my “stuff” out and make piles of scraps. Its so nice to be home, even if it is only for 4 months!

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    Becky I says

    Yes, Judy, I read almost all the posts and your responses to them. Sometimes I read two days worth of posts and once but I do read them. I to cut my scraps into appropriate size squares and sort them by size into plastic shoe boxes. They stack wonderfully and make organization very easy now that I have the process set up. My question is, how do your use your squares or strips or whatever it is you have in your shoe boxes? All the quilts that I’ve seen posted here are cut from yardage, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make a scrap quilt, I could be wrong though.

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    I’m usually so anxious to start a new project that I don’t routinely clean up between quilts either. So I’m a messy quilter too.

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    Sometimes when I want to piece a quilt but yet I don’t really have the creativity or the energy I go down to my sewing room and start cleaning. This usually inspires me to begin piecing…but the funny thing is that by the time I finish cleaning up my messes I have no energy to piece!! LOL so I reward myself with a nap!
    This morning I have a sore throat and runny nose…needless to say a cold is coming on… I went down stairs attempting to sew, but no energy…so I thought about cleaning up the room…nah, not today…lol…today is a veg day. Happy sewing to all y’all!

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    What size squares do you cut? How do you store them? By color, size? Is this what you do with all your scrape material after making a quilt?