Off the Wagon She Fell

Oh, those quilting friends .. they lead me into temptation and catch me at a weak moment and when I’m being so nice and agreeable, they steer me right into a quilt shop!  First thing you know, I have an armload of bolts of fabric and I hear someone, who sounds a lot like me . . saying I’ll take 3 yards of this, 5 yards of that and what’s left on the bolt of this, this, and this! And, then I say OH MY GOODNESS!  What have I done?  Do I have to be honest?  Does this have to go on my stash report? And through the jeers and laughter, I hear a resounding  yes!  It must be reported.

Sorry about the picture quality.  Phone camera and hotel lighting.  It was fun though . . and I’m not sorry . . not til time for the stash report on Sunday . . then I’ll be sorry! 🙂


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    You found some great fabric, I love that pink and the cream! and the purple and the blue and …
    Those mean quilter girls, making you go into that evil quilt shop! snicker, snicker 🙂

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    Lynn says

    But it’s beautiful fabric. It will all work into your stash and you will be glad it’s there. Think of all the variations of colors you are accumulating …. well, maybe that won’t work ….

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    I hear honesty is supposed to free the soul but when I had to fess up last month about 2 more UFO’s I found, I haven’t felt my soul fly free yet. Perhaps they just meant it frees the creativity to flow from the soul! 😀

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    Thank you Judy for losing your willpower to not purchase any new fabric…….now the rest of us don’t have to feel bad about the increases in our stash….your fabrics look wonderful.

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    Your new fabric is beautiful, and will benefit someone when you make a lovely donation quilt. And besides…didn’t you have shopping??

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    Kate says

    Even if you fell off the wagon, you should take credit for being innovative. I dont’ have a blog (yet), so I can’t participate in your Stash Report Sunday, but I did start a spreadsheet to start tracking what I was buying. It was a bit eye opening to say the least. So enjoy your fabric, you’ll just have to do penance by starting a new project to use it or something else up!

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    I dont’ think you have anything to worry about as fast as you are using your fabric – of course, I can’t begin to estimate how much fabric is in that picture.

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    Carol says

    LOL. Just think, you kept your promise not to buy anymore yarn! A girl’s got to shop, right? It’s the hunt that counts. And, your evil friends forced you to do it! Now I have an excuse as to why I just had to buy that fabric on Saturday. If Judy can fall off the wagon, so can I.

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      Sandy says

      Ahhhh Judy, it takes the pressure off the rest of us, lol. As fast as you turn out quilts, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Love your fabrics.

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    I mean when they had a quilt show special of 20 fat qrtrs for $20, what else could I do? Felt guilty for a minute then went diving for 20 fat qrtrs….ahhhh…..bliss 🙂 So just enjoy your new treasures. Love the pink one.
    Patty E

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    Oh Judy, don’t be so hard on yourself. I feel off the wagon on January 5th. And mine isn’t used yet, not like you who will probably have in used in a quilt by the end of March.

  11. 20

    pdudgeon says

    well at least someone else is buying besides me!

    i was going thru my boxes tonight trying to figure out if i could make a bed sized quilt out of what i had.
    the answer was, ‘of course i could—if i had two more yards of that marvelous background fabric!’

    So I poked and felt bad, until i came to your post for tonight.
    thanks so much for shopping, Judy!

  12. 21

    peggy says

    OK. At least when I attend the local quilt show, I will know I am in good company when I don’t resist the vendors. Thank you!

  13. 22

    Darlene S says

    Judy, looking at the shelves of fabric in your studio, I can’t believe you didn’t have these already in your stash. Do you think maybe Vince took them to the quilt shop and you just brought them back home again!! 🙂

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    Marilyn Smith says

    I see another beautiful quilt coming! Those purples will also be beautiful with yellows and greens. I see spring iris…you bought beautiful fabric!

    Marilyn(I QuiltToo)

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      A good choice you made! I am sure, you will soon come up with another beautiful quilt. Unfortunately, here in my country prices for a bolt! of fabric are unpayable! Good luck with your stash

  15. 25

    okperi says

    You bought fabric????? What kind of roll model are you? Here I am trying so hard not to buy any (and succeeding) and you are blowing it! Shame!!!