That’s a Weird Egg

Most of the eggs I get are perfect.  Because . . well, I have perfect chickens!  🙂  But this one!  Not sure who laid this but it was one of the red ones.

You think that looks bad?  Look at it from this view!

Pretty ugly, huh?  But that’s ok because Smokey is laying these gorgeous blueish green eggs almost every day!

And you know what else?  I need new countertop.  This brown countertop just doesn’t work for photographing those brown eggs!  I’m calling Vince right now and telling him I want new countertop.  And before he ever responds, I can tell you what his response will be!  “We need a new house!”  The translation:  We’re not doing anything to that house because we’re not staying there!


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    I get eggs like that sometimes. I’m not sure what causes it. They seem to come in spurts…I’ll have several like that, and then I won’t have any for a long time. Strange!

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    Hmmm, wonder what caused the egg to turn out that way? Kind of looks like an orange, in a way. Of course you need a new house to photograph your eggs in…totally reasonable! 🙂

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    It looks like a lump of peanut butter! lol

    I’m no help in the countertop situation, my granite gets installed tomorrow! We managed to live here 3 years before we’ve gone nuts and gutted the whole great room/kitchen.

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    I have the same problem with my brown countertop…..but then Vince probably knows if he says yes to the countertop, there would also be a host of other changes, like the cabinertry changes making room for that commercial gas stove…and the new refrigerator to match the new stove and the new sink to match the new stove………I think you need to concinve the man of the house to stay right here forever so you can make the changes to your kitchen……It’s probably easier to just go find that farm you want!!

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    That is a very interesting egg. I”m sure it tastes normal, though. Good luck on your idea about a new countertop. LOL

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    I hope the strange shape doesn’t mean that the chicken had a hard time laying that egg. Did you hear any especially loud clucking yesterday or this morning?

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    Gwynette says

    Egg shells are calcium and that egg just has an overload of it. You have probably gotten an occasional egg that had just a soft rubbery ‘shell’ because of the lack of calcium that day. My special fancy bantams are old enough now that they seldom lay, but we don’t have the heart to get rid of them. They all have personalities and names.

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    I love your chicken and egg stories. It makes me want to have chickens of my own — that would certainly put the homeowners association in a tizzy!

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      We were lucky to be able to buy the lot behind our house. It isn’t part of our subdivision so no restrictive covenants apply to that lot. That’s why the chickens are a good ways behind our house . . they can’t reside on the same lot that on which our house sits.

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    Diane says

    It’s all the stress they have been under with all the snow. Poor chickies! 🙂
    I would love to have chickens but I have managed to move to the one place where the HOA has more say over your property than the owner does. One day though!

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      We can’t have chickens in our subdivision either but we’re on the edge of the subdivision and we bought the lot behind us, which isn’t part of the subdivision or it’s covenants and our chickens live on the unrestricted lot. I hope that we’ve bought our last home in an area where someone else chooses what we can and cannot do.

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    Angie says

    The countertop looks nice—-it’s the egg that looks a bit odd.:o0 I haven’t heard you say much about the new house search for a long time. Or the new range either. What pictures I see of your home and property it looks very beautiful there, and has a country feeling with a lot of space around your home. I just received my Downy Quilt top to piece! Wonderful fabrics, and what a great idea! I hope to start on it this week.

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      Things have been a bit “unsettled” and we have had some options we hadn’t expected. I doubt we buy anything where we currently are and I doubt we do anything to our current house til we see how some things play out. How’s that for beating around the bush and telling you nothing?

      • Loretta says

        With the economy the way it is, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear about a job move, which might entail a house move, all of which might bring you closer to God’s country–LOUISIANA.

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    I think it’s a calcium deficiency that is related to egg shells like that one. (A million years ago, I actually took a Poultry Science class at Michigan State University and I’m amazed when I remember anything from way back when.)

    I think it’s fabulous that your chickens are weathering winter so well. When I went to buy free range eggs at the Dallas Farmer’s Market last week, there weren’t any from my usual farm. They said that after the snow last week, all the chickens stopped laying. Although they don’t look any different, I notice that the eggs from free range chickens have much tougher, thicker shells. And the ones I found this week also had the yellowest yolks I’ve ever seen.

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      I don’t think so. They get extra calcium and this was a one time thing for this chicken. Actually happened about a month ago and hasn’t happened since. They should be weathering the winter well. The heater is going in their coop and my electric bill is sky high! We figure our eggs are costing us about $50/dozen about now. They may be feeding them something different while it’s so cold. Upon the advice of some of my readers, we’ve been putting down alfalfa hay inside the coop instead of regular straw. The chickens love it — it keeps them busy and their yolks have been brighter yellow.

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    We have a large chicken house with 30,000 birds and we get eggs like that sometimes. I’ve been told it has to do with a respiratory ailment. Not sure about that, just what I was told! We also get ‘rubber eggs’. They have a soft ‘rubbery’ shell. And tiny eggs and giant eggs as well.

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      I remember the “rubber” eggs… brothers used to play catch with them… was fun watching them bounce without breaking……I have some of the strangest childhood memories.

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    Billie says

    I think the chicken keeps falling a sleep and then starting over and dozing off….grin.

    I think you are totally justified in a new kitchen counter top for photos….sounds reasonable to me.