The Rest of the Story

OK . . here’s my story!  I am away for a few days.  This all actually happened on Monday before I went to the quilt shop yesterday.  I got to the hotel and realized I didn’t have any knitting with me.  Can I possibly go for a few days without knitting?  Doubtful! Grabbed the yellow pages . . looked under “yarn”, found a knitting shop.  They didn’t tell me it was halfway to the next state but I went and got some sock yarn and yarn to make a scarf I’ve been wanting to try.

Without my knitting bag, I had no needles so I had to buy more needles!

After having left all my makeup and having to buy new everything – scrub, night cream, day cream, mascara . . everything.

Oh . . if you notice the photos are kinda blurry . . I forgot the charger for the camera battery so I’m now taking pictures with the cell phone.  Thank goodness I have the charger for that . . I hope! 🙂  Guess it wouldn’t matter if I had the camera charger anyway because I forgot the adapter for the Sony memory sticks.

This may well be the worst job I’ve ever done of packing!


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    Sounds like your having fun.. what an excuse to buy new stuff… forget to pack it!
    I’ve just had exciting news, your new book is now available on Amazon in England and mine is on it’s way… yippee..

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    pdudgeon says

    When you get back home all you need to do is find another bag to hold your “traveling knitting kit” and you’re all set.
    then all you have to do is leave it in the car and you’ll never forget to pack it again.

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      Pam says

      Agree. Don’t forget to have a packed make-up kit also. When I saw my husband pack a shaving, etc. kit to take on fishing trips, I decided that I needed one for retreats, etc. Of course, I was going to make one, but when I found the perfect one in the drugstore, I brought it home and packed it. Now it’s grab and go.

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    he he he…well, they say that you should replace your makeup periodically…who among us really does that???? Only Judy! 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun!

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    Karen says

    I can’t imagine – as organized as you are – and as fond of spreadsheets – that you don’t have a travel spreadsheet with ‘checkoff’ boxes!
    On the other hand, nothing wrong with supporting the local retailers when you’re traveling. First thing I look for is the local quilt & yarn shops!

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    I have done that…but the worst is when my dear husband left the entire suitcase at home! New clothing, shoes, makeup…it was a costly little mistake.

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    Check at the desk’s lost and found and ask if they have a charger cord that matches. I read somewhere that charger cords are the #1 thing left in hotel rooms.

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    Cindy says

    Crikey! What exactly DID you pack?? I know your vehicle was full to the brim.

    It’s because you had to get the hell out of Dodge so quick to beat the weather.

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    “halfway across the state”…Could you have just driven home and gotten all your forgotten stuff in the same time as driving to the yard store? Too funny!

    Once when we went to a family wedding when I was about 15, my mom harangued us all about getting our stuff packed and in the station wagon—-and then she forgot HER clothes that were hanging on the back of the bedroom door and didn’t discover it until we were at the hotel about 6 hours’ drive from home!

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    Lydia says

    I’ve forgotten my toothbrush, I’ve forgotten my underwear, but I never, never, NEVER forget knitting or stitchery or SOMETHING hand to work on when I’m away from home. On the other hand, having to shop for yarn is a WHOLE lot more fun than having to shop for underwear 😛

    I hope you’re having fun, Judy! And staying warm.

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    That “near by” yarnshop reminds me of the time I was in Tennessee for my brother’s wedding and thought I had plenty of time to visit a recommended quilt shop in the area in the morning. I barely made it back in time.

    The red variegated yarn looks very similar to something I started knitting (Brandywine Shawl) last night. Mine is Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. What’s yours? I’ll post a photo of my knit in progress on my blog later, if you want to check it out.

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    Susan in Texas says

    Judy – Delurking a minute to pass on a tip re Clapotis since I saw that bag of stitch markers. Purl the stitch between the markers (i.e. the knit stitch between the kfbl stitches) and knit on the reverse. Voila – no stitch markers needed! I think you will find this goes much more quickly for you. Have fun!

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    Denise says

    the perfect excuse to have to go shopping! Glad there was a store in the area. WHEW! crisis averted.

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    okperi says

    I have one question for youl…did you pack your undies?
    Your mother would say that is the most important thing because you have to have clean ones “just in case”, lol. I hate to tell you this but it will get worse the older you get….I would suggest you keep a list of things you need to pack and check it off each time, but you have to remember where the list is, right? :>)

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    I noticed the pattern you are making is the Clapotis. It is a good thing that you bought all of the yarn you need. I didn’t when I made mine and it looks like it has been dipped in Kool-aid. Oh well, I hope you have a good time and glad you were able to buy all of the things you need.