Nice Duck Calls

While being dragged through the mall, kicking and screaming and clawing, I noticed a little shop that had all kinds of “Louisiana” stuff, including a whole wall of duck calls.

I have only one two requests:

  1. Never let Chad find this shop;
  2. Never take me to a mall again.

Can you imagine how many duck calls Chad would buy if he found this place?


  1. 4


    He needs the duck calls mom. It is very important!! Surely you should take him on a special trip there, just to get some more! LOL!

  2. 7

    Becky R says

    I’m with Kelly Ann, how many duck calls does it take for heavens sake!! I say one is enough. It may be a lonely number but it’s enough for duck calls.

  3. 13

    Carol says

    Please don’t hate me for bringing this up but I can’t help myself. Is there such a thing as a duck/goose call “case”? Like a cell phone or ipod case? Or a larger case like one to hold fishing lures? I’m seeing fabric and yarn duck call holders. I think I need a vacation.

  4. 14

    okperi says

    He may be on his way to LA now to visit this mall. How many different duck calls can a person have I wonder. I’m with you on malls, not my thing. For that matter the only shopping I really like to do is for fabric, but “we” are on a fabric diet, right? lol